Ramayana is best source of inspiration for peace: Prof Lamb

yuddha-kanda-building-of-ram-setu-7-kandas-of-ramayanaStaff Reporter,

“There is no doubt that Sanatan Dharma is the oldest philosophy of human civilisation on earth, which nurtured humankind. This ancient science of lifestyle is the foundation of religion around the globe. Clashes in the name of religion are all due to vested interest of individuals. Ramayana is the best source of inspiration to live with peace and prosperity,” says Ramdas Lamb, PhD, Professor in University of Hawaii, College of Arts and Humanities, Department of Religion.
Ancient science belonging to Sanatan Dharma was much advanced than modern science. In this materialistic world, every person is running for food, shelter, clothing for their entire life, but Hindu culture relied on ‘Yoga’ and ‘Tapasya’ thousands of years back just to get peace and control on nerves. Ramdas Lamb added that while traveling from Europe towards India, he was influenced with Hindu traditions at the age of 22, when he took Ayurveda medication in the Himalayas. He met a saint and started reading Ramayana and learnt that there is no religion on earth. Then, he left Christianity and converted to Hinduism and dedicated his entire life for promotion of Ramayana.
‘Chanting of Ramayana mantras infuses new energy’
“World Ramayana Conference is a unique initiative to unite global research on Ramayana. Ramayana is in my blood and chanting of its mantras infuses new energy and gratifies my soul,” said Rasa Acharya Prabhu Darmayasa, Ambassador of Indonesia in the International Academy of Culture and Art in Malta. Rasa Acharya stated that there is no major difference in culture and tradition of India and Indonesia. There is an annual silent day called ‘Nyeai’ in Bali province of Indonesia, where 4.5 billion population (around 90 percent Hindus) observe day-long ‘Upwas’.
Residents of this island stop their routine work, right from grooming to cooking food and close their institutions and business and practice only meditation throughout the day. Streets and cities in Indonesia have been named after Ramayana and Mahabharat.
He has authored 30 books and 13 are under process and presented more than 500 research papers in several national and international events.

Source: The Hitavada