Dogras In Jammu. Are They Ignorant Or Sleeping?


The latest news about Rohinga MUSLIMS being allowed to come in and settle down in Dogra majority JAMMU, is alarming. It is sheer mischief and a serious provocation. It should be denied immediately by Government of India. For these Muslims there are over FIFTY “Islamic” republics on earth, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia! PARTITIONED India must not be an option.

It also poses indirect but serious threat to neighbouring EAST Punjab and Himachal State.

This anti national move seems an extension of the long-range strategy of “Dynasty, Congress, Italy & Islam” to alter the demography of “bleeding broken” Hindusthan over the dead bodies of Hindus, with the aim of seeing the surviving Hindus in JAMMU, and then in DELHI, slaughtered and expelled like the Hindus in Noakhali & Lahore in the middle of last century.

The ENEMY (called “brothers” by the President of Partitioned India) has the advantage in this “Clash of Civilisations” that cannot be more obvious when we read the word “Kafir” in their holy Book. The derogatory word refers to the Non-Muslims, to the HINDUS above all!

At Partition our leaders had to INSIST on either all the Muslims are sent to Pakistan or the word “KAFIR” is expunged from their Book of Daily Prayer & “Hindu killer” Inspiration.

It is now clear that Nehru, claiming to have Kashmiri roots, was actually the enemy of Hindus and Sikhs living peacefully there. Hence the imposition of “cease fire” on our troops, hence Article 370 in Constitution, hence the refusal to grant citizenship to the Hindu/Sikh refugees from West Punjab and hence the latest crafty move to bring in thousands of Burmese MUSLIM families that will multiply and increase their numbers rapidly to pose a direct threat to the LAND and DAUGHTERS of the native Dogras living there. 

Please alarm the Hindus in Jammu to take out processions and demand in no uncertain terms, “NO ROHINGYA MUSLIMS! ABOLISH ARTICLE 370! INTEGRATE THE STATE WITH BHARAT!”

If the Burmese MUSLIMS start arriving, it will be notice served on the Hindus in Jammu to quit in time before meeting with the fate of the Sikhs of Lahore and Nankana Sahib and the Hindus of Karachi and Noakhali.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)

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