Rashtriya Seva Sangam concludes in Delhi

Rashtriya_Seva_Sangam (7)Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, RSS Akhil Bharatiya Sah Sarkaryavah   Service will bring in his Valedictory SPEECH Incomparable like Tsunami Hope said that in the Country. 

In the CLOSING Session, while addressing delegates at the Confluence of 532 districts from 3050 Pratinidhis of Sewa called to the Country of 707 NGOs which may focus on the Five points to Help Increase speed of the Service functions,Increase the NUMBER of Service Operations, Service operations increased dimensions, quality growth and impact on increase. 

The National Service Association said Hosble inimitable Wditiy

New Delhi. (Ivisnke) Shri Dattatreya Hosble RSS general secretary of the co-organized under the auspices of the National Service Bharti Wditiy three-day National Service Association stating the incomparable service in the hope that the country will aid in bringing the tsunami.

In the closing session of the 532 districts of the country came here with Mr. Hosble 3050 while addressing delegates at the confluence of the discussions over the next five years to focus on these five points may help to increase the speed of service functions, increase the number of service operations, service operations increased dimensions, quality growth and impact (impact)   increase. 

Bharti national service associated with these representatives of 707 NGOs were consulted Mr. Hosble many astounding success. He called for systematic nature of the service to work while in the country’s education and health among the needy and for the purification of water resources requires a lot of work Prinamdayi.

Shsrcarywah also hoped that the work of organizations such excellent level of service from Bharti should be making it   to become the standard in the field of service. For this service he suggested, among other functions Bharti affiliate organization to specialize in one or two areas, make sure to bring positive change plan and ongoing training programs for skill development required specific knowledge in the field of play, the direct action the collective, diligence, perseverance, consistency, coordination and leadership qualities to develop ideal.

Recalling the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, he advanced to the Western world, we should not hesitate to learning. Additionally, India among the world’s best place to be distinguished efforts, especially young people of Indian origin settled abroad can help with. He expressed pleasure at the service of attention is highly educated youths. They leave jobs are in the service sector.

Mr. Hosble be wary of the fact that the representatives of any kind of service work in your mind, do not have any idea of ​​untouchability. They also always keep in mind that everyone in society without faltering away India can not afford. For the nine-time world champion in the billiards are Sethi said, referring to the self-life circle to get the pleasure to work for all the success Goes Vertical their stage.

Mr. Hosble underlined the importance of service, stating that it is the mantra of life. The root-conscious way to serve God is rife. It is not for the favor. It is also served in any field work. Unhonn   the larger movement to denote the link that is strong and capable social service Bharti’s vision and mission. Swami Vivekananda said, quoting a statement that would serve as an expression of sacrifice. Vivekananda said that for others who are living, what really   are. Who are living for himself, the dead : the. Service is a way to make themselves and others Narayan Male. Really, it is able to evoke divine sense and it is through a variety of payment.

Earlier, a RSS. Pt. Mr. Suhas Rao said Hiremt service confluence of all the states in 3050 was attended by representatives of 707 NGOs, which included 2535 men and 515 women. In the beginning of the program, Mr. Tarun G Delhi Seva Bharati welcomed Mr. Hosble. In the end, the national general secretary of the National Service Hrisipal Dadwal thanked Bharti. On stage, she Dhyksh national service were present Mr. sun tonk. 

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra