Requirement of manpower for ‘Hindu Varta’

hindu_janjagrutiInstructions to seekers and appeal to readers !

‘Hindu Varta’ requires your services !

‘Hindu Varta’ is gearing up to be telecast on internet TV. The nature of the channel will be such that programs catering to various interests such as News, Dharmashikshan (education on Dharma), programs on Nation and Dharma, interviews of those selflessly working for Dharma etc. will be telecast (in English and Hindi). We have more than 13000 video cassettes on various topics which need to be edited. To start the channel, we need to possess at least 100 quality programs at hand. For this, skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled people who are ready to learn, are required for different ‘sevas / Posts’. Nature of ‘sevas/ tasks’ will generally be as given below.

Tasks and eligibility

1. Reporters

2. Coordinators (to be able to coordinate proHindus, experts on various topics and reporters)

3. Wire editors, News editors, Section editors

4. Script writing

5. Presenters –   a ) On screen – on camera

                        b) Off screen – background voice

6. Make up, set creation, lighting

7. Camerapersons (and assistants)

8. Online editors (live video mixing)

9. Graphics animation

10. Audio-video editing, sound mixing

11. Server library and data managers

12. Store management

13. Computer hardware, networking and server maintenance

14. Background score musicians

15. Advertisments and other publicity material

16. Photoshop experts

17. Animators

  • Those who have experience in any of the above fields, should mention it in their communication.
  • Those who can work for full time (in the office premises) or work for half time without coming to office, should clearly mention the same.

Seekers can contact through their District-sevaks in this regard and readers and well-wishers can contact through following e-mail and Cell phone.

Cell phone : Shri. Prashant Koyande – 8451006000

Shri. Suyog Jhakotiya – 08451006239

Email Id:

Send videos on matters related to ‘Rashtra’ and ‘Dharma’ !

If you have videos creating awareness towards matters related to nation and Dharma for showing on internet TV channel or have special photographs, the same can be sent to us. We will use them in appropriate place.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti