Right-wing organisation holds massive rally against love jihad

RallyThe rally was held outside Kokan Bhavan in Navi Mumbai.

A Right-wing organisation in Mumbai led a massive rally on Monday calling all Hindus to oppose love jihad. The rally was held after a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy were reported missing since May 5. The group alleged that the girl, 17, was kidnapped by the boy, 19 and called it a case of love jihad.

Considering sensitivity of the situation, police had denied the permission to the rally but that did not stop members of organisations like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and even BJP to participate in the rally which was held outside Kokan Bhavan (Navi Mumbai).

Dharm Raksha Samiti, the group created religious tension in the city after they placed banners asking Hindus to stay informed about love jihad. Members of RSS and VHP were the organisers of the rally. 

The banner read, “Beware Hindus! give information about love jihad to your girls and sisters, and save them from being a victim of love jihad!”

Suresh Singh Rana, member of Dharm Raksha Samiti said, “this is not the first case in Navi Mumbai. There are many such cases of love jihad and police is not taking it seriously so we have decided to carry a massive rally. These Muslim boys marry Hindu girls so that they can convert our girls. This is not the case love marriage.”

Both the girl and the boy were Navi Mumbai residents. Girls family knew about their affair and so they had stopped her from going to the college.

According to the family, they got the last trace of both of them in UP. The family is not ready to accept it as a love affair but calling it a case of love jihad. Talking to IndiaToday.in, the girl’s brother said, “we knew about this and so we did not allow her to go to attend college. Her friends helped them to escape. This is no love affair. This is love jihad. They ( Muslims ) are doing it purposely as they want to convert our girls. They get money from Masjid to do it all.”

ACP Arun Walture refused to speak on the camera but said, “This is not at all the case of love jihad. We are investigating the matter. We have not given permission to the organisation to carry out the rally. We will take action on the banners placed in the city.” Though police had said that action would be initiated if the rally was held but on Monday morning, the  police just deployed police force at the location.

The organiser Suresh Rana is a RSS worker. He has worked as a coordinator of Vishwa Hindu Parishad from 1999 to 2006. 

In the name of religion, some organisations are giving an ugly religious turn. It will not be an easy task for the BJP government which itself carries the right-wing ideology to maintain religious peace and harmony.

Source: India Today.in