Hindu Organizations Opposes Urdu as First Language

imagesHYDERABAD: Led by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, various Hindu organisations on Sunday slammed the TRS government for its proposal to accord ‘first language’ status to Urdu along with Telugu in the State.

Under the banner of the National Hindu Movement, representatives of the Hindu outfits, including the Hindu Mahasabha, Hindu Ekta Manch and Hindu Vahini, held a demonstration protesting the government’s proposal. Coordinator of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in Telangana and AP, Chandra Moger said the TRS government move was aimed at appeasing minorities.

“The TRS government is reminding the days of the Nizams, when Urdu was mandatory for all. One does not understand the reason behind the present government’s decision to give equal status to a foreign language like Urdu,” he said.

On the Modi government’s decision to drop ‘Om’ from yoga to make it secular, the representatives of the Hindu organisations opposed the move unanimously. “The Modi government is trying to tinker with systems relating to spiritual realm, unilaterally. This is condemnable. It has to first consult spiritual leaders before resorting to such an action,” Chandra Moger said.

Besides, they also opposed the Union government’s decision to acquire gold offered by devotees at various Hindu temples in the country to improve the economy of the country. Demanding that such gold be left free for temples, Chandra Moger said, “It’s better that they bring back black money stashed abroad. The Union government is applying different yardsticks.”

Source: The New Indian Express