RSS’ Govindacharya slams MP govt over Vyapam scam

rssSlamming the Madhya Pradesh government for “insensitivity” over the mysterious deaths “linked” to Vyapam scam, senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue N Govindacharya today said the Central government should take cognisance of it and the Supreme Court should suo motu take note of the case.

“I feel very sad at the kind of irresponsible response of the government towards this issue …central government should take cognisance, and the Supreme Court suo motu treat this case to come to a conclusion,” he told reporters at an event organised at the Press Club of Bengaluru here.

Govindacharya said he was saddened with the “irresponsible response” of the Madhya Pradesh government in the matter and the case has been dealt with “callously.”

“It has been so callously dealt with. There is no kind of emotional commitment with the people who are deceased … The sad part is the government does not seem to be sensitive about it,” he said.

The RSS ideologue said the “insensitivity and callousness” is reflected in the irresponsible statement by the general secretary of the party, who said “what is the big deal and what great is a thing if the journalist is dead.”

“For example, in the Akshay Singh incident … the statement of a general secretary of the party …. is simply irresponsible statement,” he said.

Asked what are the compulsions of the Madhya Pradesh government to shy away from handing over the case to an independent body, Govindacharya said he finds no reason why it shouldn’t be handed over.

“I just don’t know the compulsions of the Madhya Pradesh are because I don’t see any reason why it should not be handed over. It will not be a blot for their incompetence, that is already there,” he said.

Justice, Gonvindacharya said, cannot be done with SIT probe. “Justice is the requirement, and justice cannot be done with this type of investigation …. tense atmosphere is there and it is better it should be dealt with an independent body, and I think it can be done by the Supreme Court,” he added.

On Karnataka Lokayukta controversy over alleged extortion racket in the office of the ombudsman linked to his son, Govindacharya said Justice Bhaskar Rao should have resigned suo motu because ‘it is the moral requirement’.

“He (Justice Rao) automatically should have resigned suo motu on his own, and that is the moral requirement of the whole case and, if he doesn’t it means that the morality is being given a goodbye and governance will be at peril,” Govindacharya said.

He said it is a matter of concern that the state government has not acted, and also over the “dumb silence” of the opposition over the issue.

“The government should have acted, and this dumb silence of the opposition and its ad hoc responses .. is a matter of severe concern because in democracy if the ruling party errs it is political party that should take up the issue but that also doesn’t seem to happening,” he said.