RSS makes rules rigid to cut unnecessary crowding in training camps

In an attempt to regulate crowds at its annual Sangh Shiksha Varga (Officers Training Camps or OTCs), the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) has included a recommendation clause for participants to keep those not serious about the programme out of the training camps.

RSS training programme. PTI

While the list of third-year trainees was prepared as early as in November last year, RSS has issued several instructions for filtering unwanted and non-serious people coming to these camps. From this year, RSS will allow only those swayamsewaks for the first year OTC who have been recommended by vibhag (division) level office bearers and have been in touch with them.“—The Indian Expressreported.

The third year camps are going on in Nagpur since 12 May while many of the first and second year camps will start from 24 May. Swayamsewaks who have been in touch with prant (state) level office bearers can be nominate for the second year training as per the new directives besides shouldering some responsibility at the block level. For the third year training, swayamsewaks must compulsorily hold some responsibility at the district level at least for a year.

The Vishwa Samvad Kendra Bharat reported
 that the ongoing camp is especially designed to train the RSS cadres who have completed their previous two year training camps at their respective places and regions.

According to a report in Samvada, the third year training camp was inaugurated by Nagpur city mayor Anil Sole. More than 1,000 swayamsevaks from all parts of the country are participating in the camp which will conclude on 12 June.

Source: First Post