SEWA International USA Diwali Appeal For ​The Yazidis Community


 Sewa International would like to thank you for your help in “lighting” the lamp of change in so many lives through your continued support.  As we celebrate Diwali this year, a festival which brings happiness to our lives, let us remember the Yazidis in Iraq, who are facing religious persecution because of their beliefs.  


The Yazidis are an ancient Dharmic community from Iraq with the oldest calender in the Middle East that is 6,764 yrs old.  The religion of the Yazidis shares elements with Vedic Hindus including reincarnation. About 5,000 years ago, the Yazidis migrated from India to Afganistan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

     More than 210,000 Yazidis have lost their lives due to genocide in the Sinjhar mountains by ISIS in just 10 days.  In the Sinjhar mountains, children lived on the blood of their parents for days without water.  Unable to see the children die before them or being kidnapped, sold, raped and tortured, the parents threw their children from mountain tops.  The captured men were beheaded and the women were raped and sold in the market as sex slaves.  500,000 Yazidis have been rendered homeless with a harsh winter approaching them and with no winter wear. 
     In light of this terrible human genocide, and based on the fact that the Yazidis relate to India genetically and spiritually to the Hindus, we appeal for your help.  Please make a generous contribution during this Diwali, in the name of humanity, which will go towards the benefit of these helpless people.  
Sree  Sreenath, President, Sewa International USA

Sewa USA is 501 (c) (3) Hindu faith-based non-profit, charitable organization. All donations (cash, cars, clothes, securities, etc.,) are tax-deductible. (Tax Id# 20-0638718).  Sewa serves humanity regardless of race, religion, color, gender or nationality. 


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Source: Sewa