Shakha in Japan (2015 April-26) – Summary report

unnamedOn April-26 we had our 10th monthly Shakha and here are the summary ponts:
1. Before the Shakha we had video-chat with US team (Aravind Ji, Rakshit Ji & Shobhit Ji) to discuss future course of action, proper planing for Bal-Gokulam & resource sharing for various Shakha activities. We are now planning to hold such video-chat on monthly basis as they seems to be very useful.
2. We had slightly low attendance in the Shakha this time, mainly due to many families were travelling to Bharat for Golden-week vacation here.
3. We discussed on engaging everyone including kids through games, stories & Yoga, following the materials available on
4. From the next Shakha we will be having pre-defined topics, sections & leaders for physical exercise, Games, stories & Baudhik. 
5. We are searching for HSS Ganvesh but it seems due to low quantity we need to make it locally. If anyone can share the design that we can provide to the local manufacturers then it will be of great help. 
6. Right now everyone is excited in arranging “Yogathon-2015” on IYD and work is going on with full pace. 
7. Thanks to Amitava Ji for helping us to add the Yoathon-2015 details on (it will get added by EOD)
8. We have also discussed to share the solidarity on recent earth-quake with Embassy of Nepal (from HSS Japan) and check regarding on how can we assist them in providing relief materials to Nepal. 
9. We will also approach some local Nepali groups in Tokyo for the same. 
10. Now we are having atleast two Swaymsevaks in Osaka, so we will check with them regarding the possibilities to start a Shakha in Osaka. 
On behalf of “Hindu Swaymsevak Sangh Japan” 
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Namaste Everyone,
We were lucky to have Mananiya Saumitra Ji’s presence during this month’s Shakha. Here are the summary points:
1. To align with Sangh associations in other nations & to ensure consistency, we will also use the same name – “Hindu Swaymsevak Sangh Japan” 
2. We shall plan on starting “Bal-Gokulam” by reviewing the models in US and then preparing teachers, to be followed by a pilot program. Rajiv Ji has kindly agreed to lead this initiative. 
3. Ajay Ji, Das Ji & Ashutosh Ji will work on initiating weekly (or bi-weekly) Shakha in Kawasaki.
4. We shall make HSS-Japan blog to share details on various activities and to list-up the places in Japan which are related to famous Indian personalities. (Initiative will be lead by Megha & Swati)
5. Many Swaymsevaks & Japanese friends are willing to contribute into Sewa projects in India. Rohan to connect with Shyam Ji.
6. Official registration of HSS Japan, to be executed by Ajay Ji & Mahesh Ji
7. HSS-Japan to celebrate “International Yog Divas” at big scale while inviting all the pro-Yoga associations in Japan.
8. HSS-Japan to explore an opportunity to invite Abhijit Ghosh Ji from Seoul to conduct workshop on Yoga.
9. HSS-Japan to arrange public seminar on “Ancient Vedic contributions in the field of Maths & Science” during Ravi Ji’s Japan-pravas in future. 
10. HSS-Japan to participate in Vishwa Sangh Shivir to be held in Indore from Dec-29’15 to Jan-02’16.
Apart from monthly Shakha, we had an opportunity to arrange various formal & in-formal baithaks with Ma. Saumitra Ji, where we learned about Sangh activities in other parts of the globe and how can we move ahead. 
On behalf of “Hindu Swaymsevak Sangh Japan” 
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