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Appeal: Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

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A massive earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit Nepal. The earthquake centered outside Kathmandu, the capital, was the worst to hit the South Asian nation in over 80 years. It destroyed swaths of the oldest neighborhoods of Kathmandu, and was strong enough to be felt all across parts of India, Bangladesh, China’s region of Tibet and Pakistan.

By Sunday afternoon, authorities said at least 2,169 people had died in Nepal alone, with 61 more deaths in India and a few in other neighboring countries. At least 721 of them died in Kathmandu alone and the number of injured nationwide was upward of 5,000. With search and rescue efforts far from over, it was unclear how much the death toll would rise.

VHP of America requests your kind contribution to help the victims and their family who are affected by this devastation. VHP of America will work with appropriate agency to ensure that the donated funds only be used to help the victims of this natural disaster.

VHP of America has established a relief fund and is soliciting all its members, their friends and family members to contribute to this fund generously and help the people who are in dire need of help and support. The volunteers from our sister organizations in Bharat will visit the affected areas, assess damage, provide emergency medical relief, provide food and clothes and eventually adopt villages for rehabilitation.

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VHP of America has extended their help with volunteers to help in Katrina and 911 disasters. We raised and donated large sum of funds to the victims of Katrina, 9/11 attack, Haiti earth quake, Fiji Flood victims, Japan earth quake, Gujarat earth quake, Hurricane Sandy and numerous other disasters. We could not help the victims of these disasters without your generous contribution. We appreciate your contribution and help in spreading the word to raise funds for the victims of this devastating flood disaster in Kashmir, India. After the Uttaranchal floods, with your help VHP of America had donated $100,000 to help the victims. Please help VHPA uphold its mission of Seva (selfless service) wherein lies the very essence of Hindu dharma.


Please contribute generously to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. Your donations are tax deductible.

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You can use your Visa, M/C or Discover card for your contribution.

Or make check payable to VHP of America and mail it to:

VHP of America, P. O. Box 441505, Houston, TX 77244-1505


Thank you.

(Girish M. Gandhi)

Vice President, Seva


VHP of America Inc. is a 501(3)(c), non-profit, tax-exempt volunteering organization who helps the needy people regardless of their race, religion, color, ethnicity, or gender. VHP of America Tax ID# is 510-156-325.

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