Shri Devakinandan Thakur said, “Sanatan dharma is the dharma only. Others are Majhab.” What does this mean?

Dharm has a different meaning compared to Majhab. The best english word translation for Majhab is Religion. To be honest Hindiusm or Sanatan Dharm is not a religion. Most religions have a single book and belief. Even the idea of God is not bent and has a very linear view. Hinduism is very pluralistic when it comes to its view on God. It doent have a single book. It has many belief systems. It has many ways to look at God. It even accepts atheist as Hindus. It has other components like festivals, traditions, rituals, yoga, meditation, spirituality etc….. they all play a role a major role in getting closer to God. Plus these concepts can be tested and challenged and practiced to be proved as true. These were done by people like Swami Vivekanand. So there are differences for sure. Hinduism would get left out of the list in the world list of Religions if we didnt call it a religion because it is much more and beyond Majhab/religion. Good question.