So-called liberals trying to paint every crime with communal colour: RSS

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Claiming that the cry over “minority insecurity” has become a popular parlance with the arrival of a nationalist government, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has hit out at the “so-called liberals” saying they paint “every criminal activity with communal colour”.

The editorial in the latest edition of RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’ said that it is clutches of liberal conservatism that is the root cause of such insecurity.

“The clutches of liberal conservatism which thrives on caste, regional and communal divisions, and denies space for any counter argument in favour of the indigenous is the root cause of insecurity… Identifying with the roots can free everybody from the clutches of perpetual distrust and make everybody live and prosper together,” the editorial said.


The editorial said the signature tune of “minority insecurity” has become a popular parlance in media with the arrival of a nationalist government and every criminal activity is painted with communal colour by the so-called liberal intellectuals even though their claims eventually burst as has happened in the gang rape case of a nun in Ranaghat in West Bengal.

The RSS mouthpiece said that the majority-minority is a colonial construct inIndian context and the British conspired to harp on Hindu-Muslim division and togive false assurance of leaving India.

It said British ensured that all people in India, irrespective of their ways of worships, do not remain connected to their cultural roots. Unfortunately, in the post-independence period, the dominant political class nurtured the same rhetoric to sustain their rule.

“The best way to get out of the clutches of perceived or artificial insecurity is to call spade a spade and get ourselves out of this majority-minority construct.

It should be established that a gang rape of a Sadhvi is equally condemnable as a rape of nun in the state of West Bengal, not because of their religious affiliations but on the basis of dignity of women. We have to imbibe in our consciousness that the inherent unity of all communities in India is more profound than the diversities,” it said.

The magazine’s cover story “Conveniently Liberal” also attacks the “liberals” and accused them of using “petty tactics” to target the nationalist government and cultural organisations.

It said that being a liberal has been in fashion for a long time now as Indian elites since the pre-independence period used it either to justify the British rule or to negate whatever is truly Indian.

In the post-independence period, it says, the tradition continued and liberal intellectuals have been wearing convenient hats of socialism, secularism, socialjustice, etc.

“A series of recent events has exposed the hypocrisy of this ‘liberal class’ who are conveniently shifting their positions on key issues of national importance.

“Whether it is gender justice or crime against women, national security and integrity, heinous crimes or bailing the juveniles, caste atrocities or communal violence, legislative reforms or IT Act, conversion and ghar vapasi, etc, liberal position depends on who is at the receiving end,” it said.

“Taking such convenient position is not only against the liberal ethos evolved in the Europe, but also undermining whatever is truly Indian.

“The hypocrisy of liberal intellectuals and media persons stand exposed in recentevents like a rape case in West Bengal or Church attacks in Mumbai, where the ‘conveniently liberals’ have used petty tactics to target the nationalist governmentand cultural organisations, in turn they are actually harming the social and cultural unity of the nation, and precisely that’s why this hypocrisy needs to be exposed and challenged intellectually,” said the article.

Another article in the magazine also attacks liberalism in the country, saying it is often clubbed with secularism and socialism and those who oppose the BJP, RSS and Hindutva are labelled as seculars and liberals.

“The definition is so funny that even the most rabid Islamism and Missionary supporters call themselves secular or liberal in India,” the article says, adding that “if you closely observe, liberalism in India is mostly becoming yet another code name for anti-Hindu or anti-Bharatiya Sanskriti”.

“We hardly find the so-called liberals standing up to causes equally, when different sections of the society face similar issues,” it said. Citing the example of terrorism, the article says the self-proclaimed seculars and/or liberals make a lot of noise about “saffron terrorism” but this “artificially manufactured ‘saffron terror’ rocket is yet to take off” as not a single big terror incident was conclusively decided in the court of law as committed by “Hindu” terrorists.

“The same self-proclaimed seculars and liberals had serious problems if someone used the term ‘Jihadi terror’, citing groups like Indian Mujahideen or Lashkar-e- Taiba. They jumped immediately stating, terrorists have no religion!” the articlesaid.

Talking about the freedom of speech and expression after Supreme Court stuck down the controversial Section 66A of the IT Act, it said it was a “draconian” bill passed in Parliament in just seven minutes on December 23, 2008.

“How could the world’s largest democracy pass a draconian, anti-free speech and anti-constitutional law in just seven minutes, without any debate? When it came for discussion amendments in 2012, the then UPA Minister Kapil Sibal justified the Section 66A vehemently. So much for the liberalism! Liberals in this case crushed the freedom of speech,” it said.

On the ‘attacks on churches’, the article said not just the fundamentalist Christian leaders, but the so-called liberal media was marching with loud noise against Prime Minister Modi and “Hindutva forces” but they are silent after the real facts came out that the attacks had nothing to do with the so-called Hindu forces.

“The same way, loud liberal noise about the unfortunate nun rape case in West Bengal dwarfed into whispers the moment Bangladeshi names came up in the investigations and arrests. A huge attempt to frame Hindutva and Ghar Wapsi backfired once again,” it said.

“They talk high about minority and Dalit rights when it comes to beef, but forget the fact that a champion of Dalit rights, B R Ambedkar himself got us a Constitution that calls for cow protection in the Article 48.

They talk very highly about freedom of speech, but at the first chance, block those who expose their lies or canards on Twitter. They try to repeat 1000 times that terror has no religion, but the first chance they get to abuse Hinduism; they come out with ‘Hindu terrorism’!” the article said.

Source: The Financial Express