SOS from Mandir Bazar Hindus

mandir-bazarA very bitter development is cropping up in Mandirbazar. Now the Mandir Bazar PS (03174-260470) is under a severe clutch of Jihadi people.

They are saying that all Mosques have a ‘Delhi Order’ to play microphone system for 5 times Ajan (Adhan-prayer call) everyday. But, Hindus have to get prior permission to play any Mike (Loud speaker) from Hindu Temple. What a discrimination!

When the Hindus wanted to get that ‘Delhi Order’, they refused to show it.

Now, many Muslims thronged at Mandirbazar, near Keshaveshwar Temple to cause another menace.

The role of Mandir Bazar OC, Somenath De (M 9836387604) and Gautam Biswas ( M 9874557228) are highly condemnable. They are not hearing the appeal of the Hindus of Mandir Bazar under a clutch of one Raich Molla.

See the details of yesterday’s happening at .

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)