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Hinduphobia or anti Hindu Sentiment requires systematic etymological and contextual scholarship. It is necessary to define and apply the definition within an internationally recognised Human Rights framework.

As a research student, my study on Hinduphobia contributed to the first entry in an online dictionary powered by Oxford.

Knowledge of coinage in the late 19th C by Sir Edward Sullivan transformed the academic discourse by adding 120 years to assumed coinage.

My recent Hinduphobia survey is the first of its kind and this data along with more surveys, will be incorporated into the proposed works.

Today, more than ever, Hindus, the last remaining majority indigenous culture on the planet, seek recognition of a history of bias and prejudice against them for their faith and culture.

The range of expressions will be examined via systems theory and violence studies leading on from my work on minority persecution in Kashmir.

Hindus rightfully demand a seat at the human rights and social justice table. The Indian government recently put this to the UN and still the research opportunities for people like me are not funded.

This project has already started. I have published several articles on Hinduphobia and have written around seven articles yet to be published.

Having to work part time, cleaning student accommodation to pay my living expenses is preventing me from researching full time and a waste of my education.

Given the paucity of academic positions or dharmic research opportunities in Australia, I have made this Go Fund me as a last resort.

My work employs a decolonised epistemology learnt within a gurukula system over the past 28 years and fine tuned within my ongoing p/t PhD on Yogic Ecology.

The research will be conducted 3 days per week, alongside my PhD and Human Rights advocacy, which both complement and inform my work on Hinduphobia. It will be published as a series of papers or collated as a book.

I have many offers and would like to publish in mainstream outlets and will endeavour to do so as well as blogging updates for my supporters at

I also have unpublished papers to finalise on Dharma and Cultural Misappropriation and have coauthored on this with Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani of Gitananda Rishiculture.

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