The Value of Stri Shakti

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April 21, 2017
Dear Friends,

JAI Hind!


We are extremely happy to read the lead editorial in the Hindustan Times of April 19, 2017 on subject of Stri Shakti, with the title “THIS SHOULD SET OFF ALARM BELLS”. The bye line to the lead editorial reads ‘A declining sex ratio will affect us economically as well as politically’.

We here take that liberty of reproducing the editorial, which is small but a frank- speak editorial. The editor has beautifully said that the subject is ‘OURTAKE’. The copy of this editorial is reproducing:

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All things being equal, women would outnumber men, the girl child is more likely to survive in infancy than the boy. But in India, according to a Youth in India report brought out by the ministry of statistics and programme implementation, the sex ratio is declining steadily. From 939 women to 1,000 men in 2011 it is projected to fall to 898 by 2031. This should set off alarm bells in the government, civil society groups and the law. This ratio is man-made through selective sex determination with the aim of getting rid of the girl child, early death due to neglect and infanticide. But there is no reason why things cannot be set right.

Haryana health minister promises probe into baby death at Gurgaon civil hospital

The consequences of a falling sex ratio are already evident and none of it is good news. The shortage of women has led to a sharp rise in violence against them. This has led to a situation where, apart from the ingrained son preference, people don’t want girls all the more as they feel that it is difficult to keep them safe. In a study done by the Centre for Social Research in Haryana, fear of violence is a cause for female foeticide. Also the women who produce daughters face much more domestic violence which makes them complicit in getting rid of the girl child. The ugly social practice of polygamy has made a comeback in certain areas as well as forcible marriages of widows and purchasing of brides from poor areas. With the advances in technology, sex determination has become easier very early on in pregnancy with fatal consequences for the girl child.

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Well Friends, unfortunately, this has been true in respect of India since at least the days of MAHABHARAT. The fact that DRAUPADI had five husbands was reflections of the society at that point of times. We are aware Swami Vivekananda had said ‘What hundred men can do, can be done by five women. That is the power of Stri Shakti. To put in a different manner. The mother has been the source of all strength. We are, indeed, proud sons and daughters of the mother.


Your sevak,

D.C. Nath

(President, Patriots’ Forum)

(Former Spl. Director, IB)


Copy for information and apposite action to:

· The Minister for HRD Ministry

(Shri Prakash Javadekar)

· The Secretary for HRD Ministry

(Dr. Subash Chandra Khuntia)

· The Union Home Minister,

(Shri Rajnath Singh)

· The Union Home Secretary

(Shri Rajiv Mehrishi)

· The Defence Minister

(Shri Manohar Parrikar)

· Defence Secretary

(Shri G. Mohan Kumar)

· The Minister for External Affairs,

(Sushama Swaraj)

· Foreign Secretary,

(Shri Subrahmanyam Jaishankar)

· Cabinet Secretary

(Shri Pradeep Kumar Sinha)

· The Prime Minister’s Office

(Shri P.K. Mishra)

· The Prime Minister’s Office II

· The National Security Advisor,

(Shri A K Doval)


Yours sincerely,

D.C. Nath

(President, Patriots’ Forum)

(Former Spl. Director, IB)



Source: Patriots Forum


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