Tryambakeshwar ​Temple Trust charges Rs. 200 for ‘darshan’; Devotees displeased

jyotirling_engTryambakeshwar (Dist. Nasik) : One of the 12 ‘Jyotirling’, Tryambakeshwar is the ‘adya Jyotirling’ and there was a huge crowd of devotees on 17th August, it being ‘Shravani Somwar’. On this occasion, ‘Shri Tryambakeshwar Devasthan Trust’ was charging RS. 200/- per person for getting quick entry in the temple for ‘darshan’.  On the instructions given by anti-terrorist squad and police department, devotees are prohibited from taking coconut in the temple with effect from 1st January 2015. There was strong displeasure amongst devotees for both the above reasons.

A policeman standing near the temple said, on the condition of not disclosing his identity, that it took about 45 minutes to go inside temple on other days and get ‘darshan’. With such huge crowds, it required some more time; but there was no need to charge money for ‘darshan’. Devotees and ‘sadhus’ said, “It is wrong to prohibit devotees from carrying coconut in the temple. People come here with faith and to fulfill their wishes; so putting curbs on them was not right. Due respect must be given to their faith.”      

On the occasion of Shravani Somwar, large number of devotees had gathered at Kushawart -Teerth for holy dip. Few devotees removed their footwear near ‘Swayambhu’ Shri. Kedareshwar Temple whereas some were going to Kushawart with their shoes on. Devotees were in no mood to listen to the instructions given by local municipal administration. Few policemen were also standing near Shri. Kedareshwar Temple at Kushawart, with their shoes on. Not much place was provided for women to change clothes after bath which created inconvenience to them.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat