T&T Hindus prepare for major observances


The Hindu community in T&T will join the rest of the world in the observance of three major religious observances.

Hindus will observe Nau Raatri, a period to pay special homage to the feminine aspect of God, from March 20 to 28; Lord Rama’s Jayanti at midday on March 28 and Lord Hanuman Jayanti on April 4.

According to Pundit Munelal Maharaj in his book Jyotir Vigyaan, Nau Raatri is “a period of nine nights during which Hindus revere and worship the Divine creative Energy of the Lord as Universal Mother Shakti Devi Maa.

“The Divine Mother is likened to our biological mother, as one who will administer to and nurture us, so that we may be safely guided along that pathway that would allow us, as human beings, to discharge our purpose here on earth. During this period, it is essential that devotees observe the appropriate physical and mental fast, controlling the senses and abstaining from eating meat, alcohol and other worldly vices, all of which inhibit spiritual awakening,” Pundit Munelal said.

Munelas said on the first three nights, worship of Mother Durga takes place. The second three nights are devoted to worshipping Mother Lakshmi for blessings for the cultivation of virtues and the inexhaustible wealth of Divine qualities and on the final three nights, Mother Sarsawati is invoked for gaining “the highest knowledge of self—the state of pure enlightenment.” 

Spiritual seers concur that Lord Rama’s great reincarnation took place at midday on Lord Rama’s Jayanti. 

The Ramayana describes Lord Rama as the Embodiment of Dharma as he is “pure and potent, and he stands for righteousness and opposes and destroys all this is unrighteous.” Lord Rama personifies the highest embodiment of the code of conduct, which all mankind must embrace and put into practice if we are to attain the goals of human existence. 

Lord Hanuman Jayanti is one of the principal figures in the Ramayan and was designated by Lord Rama to remain on earth after His departure, and is the presiding deity in this age of kaliyuga (the age of vice).

He is acknowledged as the fortress of selflessness and courage. The Lord Hanuman Chaleesa and Puja have become the hallmarks of His presence on earth, and these two initiatives are now integral parts of the Hindu life in the Caribbean.

Pundit Seereeram Maharaj of the Mt Kailash Ramanyan Group and Temple, Santa Phillipa Road, Caparo, said in Lord Hanuman, Hindus in T&T, the Caribbean and the world, view Him as, “the living embodiment of Lord Rama whose works continue to inspire us to get closer to Lord Rama.”

“These three observances are very serious and important in Hindu worship,” he added.

Source: Guardian