Umbraj : Shows of anti-Hindu film ‘Dharam Sankat mein’ stopped

Shows of anti-Hindu film ‘Dharam Sankat mein’ stopped !

Umbraj, Satara (Maharashtra) : It was learnt by members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) that shows of anti-Hindu film ‘Dharam Sankat mein’ were being screened at Shubham Theatre in Umbraj (Taluka Karad).

Sou. Kumudini Desai and Sou. Vidya Chaudhary of HJS contacted Shri. Shitole, the manager of this theatre and explained to him about anti-Hindu scenes from the said film which caused harm to Dharma.

Shri. Shitole, in turn, explained the subject to owner of the theatre, Shri. Palange. Then, Shri. Palange had discussions with Sou. Kumudini Desai and tried to know the subject with lot of interest. Following this, he gave instructions to the manager to stop screening of the above film. Shri. Palange thanked HJS members for enlightening him on the subject and promised not to show such anti-Hindu films in future, provided it was brought to his notice in advance so as to avoid financial loss.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat