Report on HJS activities in Madhya Pradesh during March 2015

Increasing response of devout Hindus, advocates and ‘jidnyasus’ from MP in ‘prasar’ activities !

1. Commendable participation of devout and ‘jidnyasus’ in Dharma-prasar activities

1. A. Drives undertaken with Hindu activists

1. A. 1. Submitting representations for prevention of denigration of Deities ! On 14.3.2015, a meeting of Hindu activists was held at Indore. Issue related to filing cases in High Court for denigration of Deities was discussed as displaying pictures of Deities in belittling manner was an offence. Hindu activists have undertaken a drive to submit representations to the concerned authorities in all areas and representations have been submitted at 3 places so far.

1. A. 2. Distribution of handbills giving message for Hindus’ New Year: On the day of Gudhi Padava (on 21.3.2015), two Hindu activists from Rajwada area in Indore distributed 400 handbills giving message on the occasion of Hindus’ New Year. The handbill was sponsored by Shri. Nilesh Dubey of ‘Hindu Dharma-sabha’.

1. A. 3. Six advocates from Ujjain interested in joining ‘Dharma-karya’: On 5th and 6th March, Shri. Vivek Garg, a devout Hindu advocate from Ujjain introduced his 5-6 friends who are also advocates and have interest in joining Dharma-karya.

1. A. 4. Advocates from Jabalpur keen to join Dharma-karya ! : Shri. Atul Jaiswani of ‘Hindu Seva Parishad’ from Jabalpur arranged a meeting of his advocate friends with Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the all-India spokesperson of HJS on 30.3.2015. There were 22 advocates among the members of audience who asked Shri. Shinde that how they could join Dharma-karya activities. They also got their doubts clarified by asking questions and expressed interest in joining Dharma-karya.

1. A. 5. Advocate Shri. Pandeji filing a case for withdrawal of hooters from mosques and shifting illegal slaughter-house : Advocate Shri. Pandeji from Jabalpur has filed a case for shifting of slaughter-house from Jabalpur and for removal of hooters from mosques. All advocates are going to help him in this context.

2. HJS participates in third anniversary Day of ‘Sangathan Hindu-seva Parishad’

2. A. Shri. Ramesh Shinde attends press conference held before program : ‘Dharmajagruti Sabha’ was organized on 31.3.2015 by Shri. Atul Jaiswani on the occasion of the third anniversary Day of his organization called ‘Sangathan Hindu-seva Parishad’ wherein HJS was also invited. HJS held meetings in 3 villages and used media to create awareness amongst people towards the ‘sabha’. Press conference was also held prior to the program and it was attended by Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the all-India spokesperson of HJS.

2. B. Guidance by Shri. Ramesh Shinde : A lecture by Shri. Ramesh Shinde on the topic of ‘Need for Hindu Rashtra’ was organized by ‘Dharmajagruti Sabha Samiti’ which was attended by 5200 Hindus. Vedanti Maharaj of ‘Ram Mandir Trust’ and Sadhvi Saraswati Didi were also present. An exhibition of ‘flex’ boards and books was held by HJS at the venue.

3. Shri. Yogesh Vhanmare, State Coordinator of HJS addresses members of ‘Hindu Seva Parishad’ !  

On 18.3.2015, at the behest of Shri. Atul Jaiswani, Shri. Yogesh Vhanmare, the State Coordinator of HJS addressed the members of ‘Hindu Seva Parishad (HSP)’ on the topic of ‘How to increase mutual camaraderie (amongst pro-Hindu organizations)’ which was attended by 12 active members of HSP.

4. HJS ‘flex’ boards on ‘Dharma-shikshan’ and Sanatan’s books exhibition during huge rally organized by VHP :

On 21.3.2015, Dr. Nitin Saharia, District – President of VHP had organized a huge rally at Kotma, Dist. Anup-pur. Shri. Yogesh Vhanmare, the State-Coordinator of HJS for MP was invited. Exhibition of ‘flex’ boards on ‘Dharma-shikshan’ and Sanatan’s books was held at the venue. The rally was attended by more than 1200 people.

5. Meeting of advocates

In the meeting of advocates held at Jabalpur, discussions were held on bringing together all advocates from Jabalpur and arrange a meeting with them.

– Shri. Yogesh Vhanmare, MP State Coordinator, HJS

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat