US TV Show to Present Case that Ram Setu is Not a Natural Formation but Man-Made

NEW DELHI, INDIA, December 12, 2017 (Times Now): The Ram Setu Bridge between India and Sri Lanka is not a natural formation as previously thought but man-made claims a special show on a popular international channel citing American scientists. If true, this could be a ground-breaking discovery with far-reaching implications. This finding, to be aired on a show called Ancient Land Bridge on the Discovery Communications-owned Science Channel in the US, gives credence to the age-old Hindu mythological text, Ramayana, which first mentions the construction of the Ram Setu Bridge, under the guidance of Lord Rama. The show was scheduled to air at 7:30 am December 13

[HPI Note–We’re not able to locate the program on line, but this trailer,, gives a sense of the content.]

The show quotes a few American geologists, archaeologists and scientists as saying that the Ram Setu, which connects Pamban Island near Rameshwaram in India to Mannar Island off Sri Lanka, was actually man-made. In the promo video, Chelsea Rose, an American archaeologist says, “The rocks on top of the sand actually pre-date the sand. So there is more to the story.” In fact, according to the research by the American scientists quoted by the channel, the stones were dated to be nearly 7,000 years whereas the sand on which they are situated was only 4,000 years old. These data suggest that the structure captured on the satellite image is not natural, the narrator of the show informs the audience.

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Source: Times Now News