Vol.94 – Patriots Speak:: 20-26 April 2015

Patriots Forum

Dear Enlightened Readers,

It has been a difficult week, with some glimpses of hope, however,

o Earthquake shook Nepal and India both – ties become stronger.

o India first to respond and help Nepal, massive search & rescue operation by IAF, NDRF and health workers on.

o Hafeez Saeed calls for jihad in Kashmir;

o Pak Taliban test-fired indigenous missile;

o Asia, Africa deliberate on fighting terrorism;

o ISIS terror manual now available on-line;

o Iran and Afghanistan to join hands against ISIS;

o Putin says he was prepared to work with US;

o Saudi called off airstrike but resumed again;

o It was Vladimir Lenin’s 146th birth anniversary.

o Japan’s population fell for the 4th year in succession;

o China builds in airstrip on reclaimed disputed land;

o Arab Army Chiefs met to devise means for tackling jihadis;

o Taliban announced their “spring offensive” from Afghanistan;

o Another (3rd in three months) Hindu temple defaced in US (Texas);

o Bullet train in Japan crossed 600 mile per hour- a record achievement.

o ISRO launched 40 missiles from 19 countries. Many big powers are in the queue.

o Afghan Taliban and ISIS “declare” jihad against each other. What does that mean?

Thanking you & with regards,

Yours sincerely,

D.C. Nath

(On behalf of the Patriots’ Forum)

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