Panun Kashmir – Clarion Call to Unite on Margadarshan


    In a hurriedly arranged special meeting of the

Executives of DIVERSITY-USA, a national democratic Think Tank

of America dealing with minority issues in the U.S. which has

also been dealing with the exodus and genocide of the ethnic

minorities of India’s J&K state, at the hands of the Kashmiri

Islamists in collaboration with Pakistan, Al Qaeda and Taliban

a resolution was passed endorsing the latest statement issued

by the Panun Kashmir leadership in support of the exiled

community’s demand for a Homeland.


    The resolution charged that the Islamic strangle hold

upon the Indian authorities has rendered  them incapable of

making pragmatic decisions to defend national interests and

ethnic minorities in the state. Consequently under the political

and electoral compulsions the governing elite of India seems to

consider national and security interests of the country only

secondary when it comes to dealing firmly with terrorists, Islamists

and fundamentalists.


    It is rather ironic that when the rest of the world, the resolution

said, is seriously engaged in containing and even neutralizing the

radical Islamists and terrorist enterprises, India should be joining

hands and partnering with them for erecting governments and in the

process denying life support space to already dislodged ethnic minorities. Such a crazy logic adopted by the Indian decision makers may eventually consume the country and its leadership.


    The DIVERSITY-USA Chief, Dr. Jagan Kaul, strongly supported the Panun Kashmir formula of creating a homeland for the exiled minorities and alerted the Ladakhis and Jammu-ites of similar fate as KP’s if the

ignorance and arrogance of New Delhi is not placed under check.


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Subject: Clarion Call to Unite on Margadarshan



Central Office: Roop Nagar, Jammu

Clarion Call to Unite on Margadarshan

Statement issued by Dr Agnishekhar, Convenor and Dr  Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman

on April 26, 2015


  1. In recent days the issue of return of Kashmiri Hindus has once again come to the fore. Government of India and the State government seem to have started some process for the return of Kashmiri Hindus. Kashmiri Hindus have not been taken into confidence at any level in this regard.  However, as soon as the news with regard to government moves became public Muslim leadership across the political divide in Kashmir valley rejected the return of Kashmiri Hindus to any kind of secured settlements in the valley.      This  unanimous rejection of the return of Kashmiri Hindus  to Kashmir Valley by the entire spectrum of the Kashmiri leadership is a clear reminder that the forced expulsion of Kashmiri Hindus was not an act committed by a few. There was a widespread societal connivance in the entire operation of religious cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus. It is also a reminder of the fact that Kashmiri Muslim leadership is an integral part of a fundamentalist, intolerant and exclusivist religious monolith.
  2. The happenings have also brought out clearly that the Government of India and the State government are addressing the return issue in ways, which tantamount to brazen denial of genocide and religious cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus. It is quite clear that secured sustainable return of Kashmiri Hindus is not what concerns Government of India. But  what concerns it is the  politics of it; to use the return issue for some sort of a political aggrandizement and also as a stepping stone for a far reaching and wider political processes aiming  at ‘reconciliation’ with communal, fundamentalist and seditious forces who have gripped the milieu in Kashmir.
  3. The discourse and the machinations on the issue of return of Kashmiri Hindus are taking place in a political environment created by repeated assertions of the leadership at the helms in New Delhi and in the State, that the government in Jammu and Kashmir has been formed to find a ‘solution of the problem of Jammu and Kashmir’.  This brings to the fore very critical questions:

I.        Can we divorce our perspective on return from the reality of a broader solution, which the political establishment in the State and the Centre are claiming to be working out?

II.        Can a fool proof mechanism aiming at return of Kashmiri Hindus be visualized and set into motion without the knowledge of what is being worked out for the State of Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan?

III.        Can anybody even think of rebuilding a house by willfully keeping the eyes shut to the broader reality of the ground on which it is built?

  1. The political eruptions in Kashmir valley on the issue of return of Kashmiri Hindus has brought to the fore, once again, the unassailable reality that Panun Kashmir as a movement is registered on the mind of the separatist and the subversive establishment more than anything else. That separatist movement is not a win- win operation but full of stakes.  Panun Kashmir haunts the separatist establishment more than the security operations and the political maneuvers deployed on the ground by the government and the political class.  Panun Kashmir also haunts the so called ‘secular establishment’ in India which has internalized the accommodation with Muslim communalism in the State as the only possible way of handling the communal subversive war going on in the State since the accession of the State with India.
  2. This puts the reality of Panun Kashmir in a proper perspective for all those who have nourished Panun Kashmir and have been part of its struggle through thick and thin.  A realization  that a community, hounded out by genocidal terrorism and abandoned by the Nation State, can still deploy on the ground a saga of struggle and stand upright against the forces of genocide and the forces of denial of genocide, is getting profounder. This realization is critical because it will make us see that reversal of genocide is not a half way operation. It is not an issue of bargain and political expediency. Reversal of genocide cannot happen if victims agree to reconciliation with those who have perpetrated genocide. Victims of genocide are testimony of the Truth. They cannot afford to compromise the Truth. They cannot afford to inflict one more trauma on their own existence and the broader dynamics of civilization. The victims of genocide cannot be collaborators in the denial of genocide. They cannot be blind to the fact that genocide if ignored only duplicates.
  3. The issue for Kashmiri Hindus is not whether government talks to us or not. The issue for us is whether the government accepts that genocide has taken place or not. If it doesn’t recognize this fact then it cannot offer any solution. In the absence of this recognition governments will invariably offer only such measures which will increase the attrition of genocide.
  4. We have also to realize that genocidal reversal always addresses the issue of accountability of all those forces that have participated in the genocide directly or have been part of the process of abetment, not from a tokenist perspective.  Naivety in such matters is dangerous.  We all know it very well that known killers of Kashmiri Hindus are roaming freely despite cases against them. We know why legal system has failed to deliver justice. Terrorism, particularly genocidal terrorism, creates an extraordinary environment of attrition in which legal processes deployed during normal times fail to deliver results.  We also know that there is an infrastructure of abetment of genocide which is being nourished from all sides.
  5. The governments in the State and the Centre during twenty five years of our exile have treated the issue of accountability not as an essential ingredient of the process of return and rehabilitation but as an obstacle to the whole process. The process of return which the Government of India has started in cohorts with the State government essentially aims at a return which is guaranteed by the very forces who pushed Kashmiri Hindus out. It aims at a bail out of those who committed gruesome crimes against the humanity as also of the entire social, religious and political infrastructure which has given birth to such criminals.
  6. Panun Kashmir wants a return to freedom and not a return to the servitude of a Muslim State.  When Panun Kashmir demands the creation of a Union Territory, North and East of river Jhelum in Kashmir valley, where Kashmiri Hindus hounded out of Kashmir could be rehabilitated, it is not political positioning. It is in fact the only way to ensure the return. The way Kashmir has become over the years, creation of Panun Kashmir has become inevitable not only for Kashmiri Hindus but for the whole of India and also the success of the global war on terror, and establishment of peace in the region.
  7. Panun Kashmir is very well aware of all the elements which make this demand not only plausible but also an imperative necessity. For all those who always use the argument of demographic strength as the basis of claim, it is suffice to say that Kashmiri Hindus constitute in percentage many more times the demographic mass than the Muslims of Kashmir constitute of the Muslim population of India, not to speak of the whole population of India. We are aware of all the perspectives which make the demand feasible.
  8. Panun Kashmir has always considered incomprehension as the greatest enemy of victims of genocide. Panun Kashmir has also been aware that ruthless and continuous persecution causes unmanning of the victim population. They become apolitical. They blame themselves for their plight. They absolve the perpetrators. Worse, they have a tendency of become victim collaborators. Victim collaborators become the lethal instruments of the process of destruction.
  9. There are victim collaborators amongst Kashmir Hindus as well. Governments of the day, during all these years, have harnessed them for their expediency. Governments have sought to proliferate and nourish them. Governments have done so because they have been seeking peace with the perpetrators. This process of seeking and nourishing victim collaborators amongst us is continuing with a new thrust. Kashmiri Hindu faces are used as spokesmen, office bearers or nominated legislators of the political parties spearheading the enterprise of genocidal denial. Keeping a Kashmiri Hindu face in front makes the compromise with anti-national and communal forces palatable. It is an indirect admission that without the sanction of Kashmiri Hindus no political process in the state will have legitimacy.
  10. Kashmiri Hindus carry the responsibility on their shoulders not to sanction and recognize anything which harms their interests; harms the interests of Jammu and Ladhakh; harms the interests of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists of the state; harms the interests of Hindus of India and the Indian nation and last but not the least harms the interests of the minorities living in whole of India. We have to persevere bigger pressures and attrition. We have to remember that in extreme marginalization and persecution we have survived with dignity, we have given education to our children to live as upright citizens; we have kept crime at bay, in deprivation we have never stopped loving our nation and our civilization and we have prayed for the peace and well being of the whole humanity.
  11. Our survival and struggle is a message that come what may we will not compromise with totalitarian fascist forces even if they are supported by the political parties of India and the governments of the day. We will not compromise with ant-national forces even if they are protected and patronized by political parties claiming to be nationalist and secular. We have no choice but to shoulder the bigger responsibility in depravity and destitution, in marginalization and exclusion, in ridicule and retribution.
  12. We have to guard against demoralization. We have to guard against self –flagellation. We have to appreciate once again that it is the separatists , the jihadis , the terrorists, the fundamentalists and the subversives who recognize what harm we have done to them and how stubbornly we have stood against them. We don’t need certificates from pseudo-nationalist, pseudo-secularists.
  13. Panun Kashmir has always recognized the unflinching unity within the Kashmiri Hindus. We don’t think that Kashmiri Hindus are disunited. That has always been the expression of incomprehension amongst some but primarily the job of mercenaries and fifth columnists. Panun Kashmir has not delegated the responsibility of the mission of Panun Kashmir and Homeland to anybody. We are capable enough to handle this responsibility. We don’t have sermons for anybody who doesn’t believe in our vision. Our goal is homeland and not mere positioning with regard to a half –baked, disruptive and harmful proposals of the government of the day. We are not responsible for the actions of anybody who mobilizes in our name but without our sanction.
  14. There is a need for all to unite on the Margadarshan Resolution and not let any tinkering with the same. And Panun Kashmir assures the community and the Patriotic People of India that together they would work for creating a resurgent India, for restoring India in that Kashmir, which would be free of any encumbrances of the superfluous and temporary Article 370.  A Panun Kashmir, where India and Indic imperatives would prevail and resurrect the life that once dotted and claimed to be the cradle of Indian Civilization.OORZU!

    Dr. Agnishekhar                                                                                              Dr. Ajay Chrungoo


Source: WHN Media Network