Why NO JINNAH’S Portrait ! – Prof. Dhirendra Sharma

Why  NO  JINNAH’S Portrait !

                     By:  Prof.  Dhirendra  Sharma

It is not the question of Majoritarian state versus Minority rights  but what iconic

leader’s portrait you keep in academic institutions.  What are your  ideals

and the model for the national  political development ?

I suggest to replacing   Jinnah’s portrait  with  a portrait  of The Bharat Ratna, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan..    The Frontier Gandhi Gaffar Khan  had joined Gandhiji  and  endured 8 years’  imprisonment during  the British Raj. But,  the Frontier Gandhi was imprisoned  for 18 years in Pakistan.  He had Willed   not to be buried “in the Naa-Pak soil” .

During the Partition years he  led Peace and Unity marches, assured  no violence  took place against the minority  Hindus.

But  Jinnah  did not participate in Quit Indian movement.    In fact,  he opposed Gandhiji, and commanded  violent Direct Action  leading to  the massacre  and rape of  thousands  unarmed  ( Hindu) citizens.

Jinnah –  living in England,   divided the South Asian communities   -caused unprecedented  deaths and destruction to   millions  of  Indians – Hindu, Muslims,Sikhs and Buddhists, who  for thousand years  lived  as brothers  in Hindustan.

Today, in 21st century, when  secular-democratic politics is our national commitment, keeping the  Jinnah portrait  in an educational institution  would send  the opposite  message to the  coming  generations.

Attalji had visited  Jinnah’s musolium inside Pakistan. But  a visit to Gandhi Samadhi, or a Portrait  of Karl Marx in any  muslim establishment will be  a rare occurrence.

Narendra Modi says:  THE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY.  But the Jinnah’s portrait would not

support  Modi’s mantra – Sabka  saath, sabaka vikas..

Nation is above politics. Let us create History – NOT   repeat the past.

Dhirendra Sharma

(Garhwal Post, English Daily  Dehradun 18 May, 2018.)