World Hindu News CEO speaks at World Hindu Congress 2014 –Hindu Media Forum


Social Media and learning to Surf on the waves of opinion. Chairperson: Kaveree Bamzai, Editor-at-Large at India Today Group, Bharat Shri Rahul Chandra (Speaking), Shri Vikas Pandey, Shri Sandeep Balakrishna, Kaveree Bamzai, Ms Neena Rai

New Delhi, India (22 Nov 2014): World Hindu News CEO Rahul Chandra on behalf of World Hindu News company presented Hindu media program presentation to  Hindu Media Forum delegates, speakers and chairpersons. Rahul Chandra started with citing a reference from an interview with Francois Gautier on why Hindus should expect least media support from institutions operated by owners from Abharamic faiths as it’s normal from media institutions operated by non-Hindu faiths to serve their own community requirements. Also mentioning the reasons why many media institutions operated by Hindus in India and abroad have now become anti Hindu mouthpiece.   He cited one real life example where a Hindu woman from Northern California now has positive outlook for Indian based Hindu patriotic institution Bajrang Dal after she read tens of positive news on World Hindu News.


Later he presented the Alternate Media Development program of Global Hindu Foundation (GHF-AMD) program and how tier-1 aims to organize conferences, seminars, research papers towards development of media literature for journalists and editors towards reporting and publishing news from Hindu perspective and Tier-2 which aims to set up small media portals where the trainee journalists can practice and get experience. Currently Global Hindu Foundation (GHF-AMD) Tier -1 program is training two media interns in reporting, editing and publishing news from Hindu perspective. The Alternate Media Development program of Global Hindu Foundation (GHF-AMD) program plans to organize a Media conference in early 2016 in North American region. Under Tier -2 program scope and objectives of Global Hindu News was presented which provide syndicated news feeds to professional media firms like World Hindu News (WHN) and other media outlets.

Later he presented scope and key facts on World Hindu News media program which was envisioned under World Hindu Foundation (WHF) and realized under the research and analysis program of Global Hindu Foundation (GHF). World Hindu News media program was inaugurated by Hindu luminaries like Dr. Mahesh Mehta, Ashok Chowgule and Swami Vigyananand ji. He later thanked WHN Advisory board which provides strategic and visionary guidance to WHN and has globally renowned distinguished Hindu intellectuals like Swami Vigyananand ji and Rajiv Verma alongside providing insight on the editorial board group which is composed of veteran Hindu leaders like D.C. Nath, Nitin Anand, Shyam Tiwari, Gokul Kunnath, Rudranath Talukdar, Rajesh Kaushal etc. Also a slide presented profile on Authors / Columnists, Techincal team, research team and intellectual patron listing.

In one of Q&A sessions from WHC organizing committe members he also updated audience on one of the reasons for Hindu bias among American and European media houses is the constant anti Hindu reporting and publishing  by India based mainstream media institutions from which American and European media houses gets ideological references

He ended with a note of thanks to all WHN subscribers, supporters of GHF-AMD program, news contributors and WHN functional and technical staff without whom WHN media program wouldn’t have become the leading Hindu news agency in world. He appreciated World Hindu Congress organizing committee in bringing intellectuals from far flung areas of the world at one platform in sharing knowledge and solutions towards Hindu society empowerment.