World Hindu Women’s Conference World Hindu Women’s Conference

Date: 29th & 30th December 2012-   Hindu women have displayed their brilliance in different spheres of life, from the Vedic ages to the present times. She, the shakti swaroopa, the divine mother has been worshipped in many ways in our culture. Today her divinity, her identity, her Dharma and her society for the growth of which she bears pain as joy are in danger. She has issues to be addressed, she has responsibilities to take and she, for one, has to take forth the Dharma. To do so in present times, it is very essential to provide her with a platform, where she can identify, introduce,address and solve larger issues.

Under the guidance of Adaraniya Swami Vigyananand Ji, and with the help of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bengaluru, Hindu Women Forum was created. Stree Shakti proved her strength and created a platform for Hindu women across the world in the form of World Hindu Women’s Conference.

On 25th DEC 2012, Hindu Women Forum organized Womenathon – a walk to create awareness among the public about the forthcoming World Hindu Women’s Conference.

Source: Hindu Women Forum