Deepavali greetings from HGH and Tulsi Gabbard

Namaste.  I’m Tulsi Gabbard.  I’m honored to send you my warmest aloha and wish you and your family a Happy Diwali.

The great significance of Diwali has been passed down to us by our spiritual preceptors and the ancient Rishis. On this day, Lord Ramachandra returned to his kingdom of Ayodhya after spending 14 years in exile and was coronated as King. He was welcomed by the citizens who lit unlimited numbers of lamps illuminating the sky in both celebration and welcome for the Lord.

The Bhagavat Purana states, “The citizens of Ayodhya, upon seeing their Divine King return after a long absence, offered Him flower garlands, waved their upper cloths, and danced in great jubilation.”

According to spiritual tradition, Diwali was observed not just as a fun holiday, or even more importantly as the victory of light over darkness, truth over untruth, and righteousness over wrong, but also as a time of spiritual renewal–a time to light a welcoming lamp within our hearts, to invite the Lord into our life. This singular and meditative act establishes the most wonderful platform upon which real brotherhood and real love and concern for others can be built. This message has great relevance today when politics and partisanship are often seen to replace compassion and concern for the greater good.

As we light the lamps on Diwali, let it be a time to reflect upon the truth that real happiness and true success comes from being of service to the Lord and others and not just living for yourself.

Please know that as you rejoice and reflect with your families and your community, I send you my warmest aloha. I look forward to serving you in congress and wish you a very Happy Diwali. Namaste.

SOURCE: E-Newsletter