Yezidis and Hindus – long lost brothers in a historic embrace: Souptik Mukherjee

1Yezidis and Hindus – long lost brothers in a historic embrace

We have seen long lost brothers getting united in movies. Every-time it happens , it all looks so surreal. But hardly have we seen one where brothers separated over a period of 7000 years coming together. We are witnessing history in our own lifetime with the coming together of two of the most ancient civilizations in history at the time of existential threat to one of the communities. The Yezidis and the Hindus, one having a 6674 yrs old calender and the other representing the “Eternal religion” is embracing each other as sisters and brothers to save the Yezidis from complete wipe-out by Islamic fundamentalists. With the help and the blessings of Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shanker and his Art of Living Foundation, they are doing everything they can to save Sinjar (Shingal) mountains, the holiest place of the Yezidis.


Who are the Yezidis and why does Hindus believe they are brothers. The Yezidi religion is linked to Hinduism, Zorastrianism and Maithrism. Their Chief God is Malek Taus or the Peacock Angel. Peacock and rooster are their holy symbols. Both of them stem from the the story of Lord Murugan who after defeating the last of the demons, divided him into two parts and transformed him into a peacock and rooster to be used as his Vahanas. Also seen with Lord Murugan is the snake which is commonly seen in many Yezidi temples. The snake embodies the Kundalini or the Divine wisdom released. One of the reasons why ISIS is killing the Yezidis and raping abducted Yezidi women multiple times a day is because of being Devil worshipers symbolized by the snake in their temples. Not surprisingly the holy day for both the Yezidis and the Murugan Bhakts is Wednesday. In many parts of India, Murugan is also known as Karthik or Karthikeya. Karthik is the son of Shiva and Parvhati and the Yezidis strongly believe in reincarnation and thereby connect all the Gods. Reincarnation signifies that one’s God is not bigger than another’s and that makes the Yezidis a very peaceful community in the Middle East . They have something akin to the Shiva Lingas too.

Yezidi festival of lights_1The linkages of the Yezidis with Hinduism does not end with Murugan. Their festivals of lights and colors on the new year day can easily remind people of Holika Dahan and Holi of the Hindus. Holi is around the same time as the Yezidi New Year and symbolize the start of a new year as well. The Yezidis also worship the Sun God and pray three to five times facing the Sun. The Sun is also part of the Yezidi National flag. The 21 arms of the Sun is symbolic and the number 21 has a deep essence in Hinduism as well. Their temple tops are similar to those of the Hindus and they also have a guru parampara. As a very symbolic gesture, their most important Guru, Baba Shek recently visited the Murugan Temple of North America on 29 October 2014, the sixth day of Skanda Sashti when Skanda vanquishes demonic forces who threaten all humanity. In most Yezidi families it is still believed that they came from India. The blessings of the Yezidi and the Hindu spiritual gurus, the participation of many Hindu and Yezidi activists and many Yezidi and Hindu organizations like Yezidi Human Rights Organization – International, Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society, Viswa Hindu Parishad , Hindu American Foundation, Overseas Volunteers for Better India and Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV) ,both sides see thousands of years old prophecy of the Yezidis coming true.The prophecy says that all the Dharmic tribes will be united one day and live in spiritual harmony. The exemplary humanitarian efforts by IHAV and SEWA just reinforces those beliefs.

The plight of the Yezidis today stem from the fact that they are facing their 74th genocide. In this one thousands have been killed and all the genocides put together it is akin to a Holocaust. Their numbers have dwindled from 23 million to just 1 million. This time half a million Yezidis have become refugees. 7000 women and little girls have been taken hostages. They are being sold in the market. The girls are being gang raped everyday. The captured men have all been killed. For the last 1500 yrs since the advent of Islam, the Yezidis did everything they could to save themselves from Islam. If an Yezidi marries a Muslim, the punishment was expulsion from the society. Still conversion to Islam happened by force and through several genocides. Today ISIS has decided to wipe them out completely so that every linkages to ancient Sanatan Dharma is wiped out for ever in the Middle East. Baba Shek stood before the Sanjak, the peacock shaped lamps which the Hindus light and the Yezidis use as Murti and appealed to all to connect spiritually and unite. He also appealed to shun bigotry and religious intolerance and asked world leaders to save the helpless Yezidis. To help save an ancient civilization and stop the world from becoming rootless as a whole.


Souptik Mukherjee is a Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society activist in US and is working to help the Yezidis from persecution.

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