​​HJS prasar activities in Odisha during November 2014

HJS dharma prasar activities in Odisha

1. Exhibition of Sanatan’s ‘sattvika’ products during ‘Rama-katha’ week at Sambalpur receives good response : A ‘Rama-katha’ week was organized in Sabalpur and on 1.11.2014, an exhibition of Sanatan’s ‘sattvik’ products was organized. Many gou-premis (patrons of cows) and devotees of Rama visited the exhibition; buying many holy texts and ‘sattvik’ products.


2. Lectures held by HJS in Sundargad District

2A. Guidance on ‘Unification and Dharmacharan’ attended by 45 devout Hindus : On 4.11.2014, there was a weekly meeting of activists of Bajarang Dal at Rajgangapur in Sundargad District. Shri. Prakash Malondkar of HJS gave guidance on the topic of ‘Unification and Dharmacharan’ that was attended by 45 activists. They were happy to get information on science behind Dharmacharan and realized the importance of spiritual practice in the mission of unification. They also requested for such guidance once a month.

2B. Guidance on ‘Dharma-shikshan and Dharmacharan for Gou-rakshan’ in a gou-shala ! : On 10.11.2014, Shri. Prakash 
Malondkar of HJS gave guidance on ‘Need for Dharma-shikshan and Dharmacharan for Gou-rakshan’ in a one-day workshop on ‘Gou-rakshan (protection of cows)’ held at Birmitrapur, Dist.Sundargad by Hindu Sena. About 450 people attended the guidance from Birmitrapur and surrounding areas.

2C. Guidance during weekly meeting of Hindu Sena members : On 23.11.2014, a local organization called Hindu Sena, held a weekly meeting for its activists and Shri. Prakash Malondkar spoke on ‘Importance of Dharmacharan for Hindu unification’. It was attended by about 85 members of Hindu Sena.

2D. Guidance by Shri. Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson of HJS at Birmitrapur, Dist. Sundargad : On 0.11.2014, 
Hindu Sena organized guidance by Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of HJS, for its local members. Shri. Shinde spoke on ‘Unification for protection of Dharma and Dharmacharan for unification’. He also clarified doubts raised by people from 150 attendees. They have invited HJS once again after a month and planned to bring together thousands of devout Hindus from nearby areas.

-Shri. Prakash Malondkar, Rourkela, Odisha (7.12.2014) 

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti