Nashik : All Mahants will leave Kumbh-Mela if place for Sadhu-gram is not made available

Warning by Mahant Dnyanadas Maharaj against indifference in making prior arrangements for ‘Simhastha Parva’    


Nashik (Maharashtra) – Sinhastha Parva will be starting from July 2015 at Nashik and Tryambakeshwar. 2.5 – 3 months before the Parva, Saints and Seers, Mahants start coming to Nashik and Tryambakeshwar from all over the world; however, no place has yet been allocated for Sadhu-gram at Nashik which indicates that the State Government and Administration is not serious about organizing of Sinhastha-Parva. If there is no place for Sadhu-gram, how will Sinhastha take place ? If this situation continues, all Saints, Seers, Mahants etc. will come together, discuss the matter and if need be, they may even leave Sinhastha-Parva, was the warning given by Mahant Shri. Dnyanadas Maharaj, the President of ‘Aakhaadaa Parishada’ after he arrived in Nashik on 3rd January in the evening.

He said,

“1. Why roads are being prepared to join Sadhu-gram when it is not yet set up ? Is it only to get commission for making roads ? Presently, the issue of setting up Shahi-gram is more important than making roads. 

2. The Administration has unnecessarily created a row over the way ‘Sinhastha’ for referring to it as ‘Tryambak- Nashik’ or ‘Nashik-Tryambak’ which is futile.”    

HJS seeks blessings of Mahant Dnyanadas Maharaj


Shri. Sunil Ghanavat explaining Mahant Dnyanadas Maharaj (on right)  about activities of HJS

Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, the State Convener of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for Maharashtra, advocate Shri. P. R. Geete met Mahant Dnyanadas Maharaj seeking his blessings. He was given information about various drives and campaigns undertaken by HJS and was shown VCD on 2012- Kumbha-Parva related to Sanatan’s activities. He was also extended invitation to visit Sanatan Sanstha’s Ashrams at Devad (Panvel near Mumbai) and Ramnathi (Goa). He bestowed his blessings on activities of HJS and assured to keep place for HJS to set up exhibition in Sadhu-gram.    

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat