​Patriots’ Forum Requests Indian ​Union Home Minister For Release of 2011 Population Census Data On Religious Basis

You are well aware that the Census work for the year 2011 has been completed. Necessary data of this Census have been made available in the public domain long time back, as it ought to have been, except that on religion-wise break-up of the population. The popular belief is that the last UPA government had deliberately withheld the relevant information on political ground. They were reportedly scared of possible Hindu backlash to certain high percentage growth and overall- development of the so-called minority Muslim community.

Some friend of us very doggedly pursued for over a year to force the Registrar General, Census, and the Union Home Ministry to disclose these data but without any success. Sir, in these days of advanced technology, it appears absurd that the relevant data could not be compiled all these days. We, in this connection, recall  that some problems were created in this area in 2001 Census also. Then, ultimately the religious break-up was very reluctantly  released after about two years from the main Census —-that too minus the data of the two vital States in this respect, namely, Jammu and Kashmir and Assam. The then Registrar General was also shunted out, we believe.

The apprehension that while the Muslim population was on the uptake, both in sheer percentage and in the ‘cohort’ (0–6 years) group, which has more potential for the immediate future, the percentage of Hindu population having gone down below what is known as sustainable level, that is, 2.1 percent, in many parts/States of the country, has already been in the public domain for quite some time.

As a matter of fact, The Encyclopedia Britannica, which now brings out only Year Books, has in its 2013 edition, has clearly stated that the percentage of Hindu population, that stood at 80+%, in 2001, came down in 2005 to 72.05 percent. The relevant extract from that book is attached.

Sir, the significant aspect involved in this is that the above figures, though in the public domain for long, and also circulated by us widely, have not yet been challenged by any one, including even the office of the Registrar General or the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. This is mysterious and makes one believe these figures could be correct.

That then, Sir, sounds like an inevitable and fast-approaching death- knell for the majority Hindu community, that would warrant serious thinking how to stem this decline.

Be that as it may, Sir, we would strongly urge you to direct the concerned to release the data of the Census of 2011 without any further delay so that any confusion on the subject is put to rest, no matter what would be the consequences. May we also request you, Sir, to make it public what and who had been responsible for causing this mess?

Sir, I am an attached to a “Think Tank” known as the Patriots’ Forum, devoted towards protecting and preserving the Indic civilization from the onslaught of the burgeonic growth of Muslim population in the country.

Source: Via WHN Publisher Email