​Serious Communal Clash in Nadia Dist, West Bengal – 4 Killed, Many Injured​

location-of-west-bengalUnder Kaliganj police station in Juranpur & Naoda villages, serious communal clash reportedly occurred today at about 3 pm. A Hindu religious procession has been allegedly attacked in front of a mosque in Juranpur village. Heavy bombing & firing from both sides. Nearby Naoda village has been attacked. 
Reportedly 4 Hindus in that village have been killed. Their names are – Maru Hajra, Rasomoy Hajra, Moyna Hajra and Shanti Hajra. 
A few more (7-8) injured persons are now being treated in Katwa hospital. Villagers cannot move some other injured persons to any hospital as all the roads are reportedly blocked by Muslims.
This Naoda village is totally insecured as no police force is posted there at this moment. The villagers apprehend a second attack anytime. Our HS volunteers are in communication with the Kaliganj police in Debagram and trying their best to send force to Naoda asap.
Reportedly a number of Muslim houses have also been gutted.

Since last Bakrid, tension between two communities were prevailing in the area. Yesterday the procession of Hindus passed before the mosque on their way to the Dharmaraj Mela at Jamalpur in Purbasthali. Today when that procession was returning thru the same path, the incident happened.
Source: WHN Media Network