11 Kundi Gayatri MahaYagya on Saturday, April 16th @ 4:30pm


Atmiya All,


Chaitra Navratri started April 8th and ends on April 15th,and a lot of you are already doing Gayatri mantra Anusthan.

All Anusthans end with a hawan so one gets blessings of all the deities invited at the end of your sadhana.​This yagya is for all parijans, whether they have done anusthan or not. 


Gayatri Maya Yagya, This Saturday:

Please join us with your family & friends for 11 Kundi Gayatri MahaYagya on Saturday, April 16th @ 4:30pm following the Anusthan. Please  see attached flyer for the information.


​Following are different ways one can do Gayatri Sadhana at any time of the year, and especially during Navratri.​


24 Gayatri Mantra Japa with Gurudev’s Voice

With Gayatri Mantra track in Gurudev’s voice: visualize the sunbeams carrying positive energy, entering your body and you are glowing inside out and all negativity is expelled with this brilliance. Also keep mentally repeating the mantra in sync with Gurudev’s voice. Definitely, you will experience life changing energy and peace.

http://audio.awgp.org/album.php?id=30 (Link- Gayatri Mantra In Gurudev’s Voice)    



 (Laghu)Small Anusthan – 24,000 Gayatri Japs
Daily worship is a part of routine day to day living. Anusthan is a worship of a higher order in which the devotee is bound by many restrictions and has to follow specified rules and regulations. Consequently, in the latter case, special benefits accrue.
For (Laghu)Small Anusthan— 24000 Japs to be completed in 9 days at the rate of 27 cycles of rosary per day. Time taken: on an average, 3 hours per day (with about 10 to 11 Malas per hour)
Queries about Anushthan-



“Gayatri Mantra Lekhan Sadhana” (Orderly pursuit of writing Gayatri Mantra)
When people take up writing of Gayatri Mantra, one count of writing amounts to 10 counts of mantra-japa. We all could definitely benefit by taking up the Sadhana of Gayatri Mantra Lekhan in this special time, Mantra-Writing-sadhana starts infusing the essence (तत्वज्ञान) of the 24 letters of the Gayatri-mantra, into the consciousness of Sadhak.It awakens 24 divine qualities in the individual. These qualities manifest as various accomplishments and prosperity in ones life.
Disciplines to be followed while writing the Gayatri Mantra :
1. Write the Gayatri Mantra with prayer filled feeling and focus on it’s meaning. 
2. Don’t hurry up! Write the mantra slowly at a steady pace. 
3. Write the mantra clearly and correctly.
4. Keep the writing-book neat and at the same place everyday.
5. Be punctual in writing. You may do it at any suitable time. 
6. Mantra can be written in any script of any language.
7. You can write mantra in any Note Book, preferably in red.

Gayatri Chalisa Anusthan–
All 9 Days, after performing shat-karma, Ahavan, panchopchar pooja, you have to do 12 repetitions of Gayatri Chalisa every day. After 9 days it will become 108. You can do it in different times but Morning time (Brahm Muhurat) is the best time to do any kind of Sadhna, Anusthan. At the end you have to do Surya Arghya daan.

Gayatri Chalisa LINKS–
http://gayatrisadhana.com/mp3daily/gayatri-chalisa.mp3 – Mp3 tarck of Gayatri Chlisha by Mata-ji
http://www.gayatri.info/bhajans/gayatri-chalisa – Lyrics of Gayatri Chalisa

Guru Geeta Anusthan–

Please do Anusthan with full devotion and Sraddha, definitely you will get positive results.

May Gurudev and Maa Gayatri blessings continue to shower on you and your family.

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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)