13 good easy ways to protect, preserve, sustain Hindu Dharma

Many Hindus just talk about threats in social media, but we don’t see any concrete actions taken from them to counter these threats. We need to have multi-prone approach.

Immediate reaction to an anti-Hindu situation through media ( social, print and electronic), legal and political actions.

Long term strategy to build well rounded Hindu warriors.

These are actionable items can be performed by each of us.

1. Introduce atleast one person per month to Yoga.

2. Have a tree planted backhome ( in your land, if you don’t have open land then in nearest school grounds) on you/your family members birthdays/anniversaries etc

3. Donate few dollars to Any Goshala. Remember cows are not only religious to us, but they support organic farming. It will indirectly help our farmers.

4. Donate some percentage of your income to Hindu organizations

5. Buy and encourage Indian made products.

6. Learn Sanskrit if you can.

7. If you can, contribute intellectual, fact-based articles to social media, print media and electronic media. Produce short videos on Sanathana Dharma.

8. Motivate your friends, neighbors to join this group.

9. At every social gathering spend few minutes in discussing about Sanathana Dharma instead of cinemas and politics.

10. Gift Sanathana dharma based books such as Bhagavad Gita Or other contemporary books from intellectuals such as Shri Rajiv Malhotra, Shri Subramanya Swamy etc to friends and families on their birthdays/anniversaries.

11. Most importantly, identify elite, rich NRIs and convince them to donate large amounts via “will” to organizations like Sanskritha Bharathi, Ramakrishna Mission etc to promote Vedic culture/studies among kids and youth.

12. Work with local temples to start day-care and nursery centers for babies and younger kids. Lots of temples have good infrastructure such as class rooms etc. we need to use them for weekdays.

13. Lastly, ensure to embrace the vulnerable sections of society into Hindu fold as they are weakest links in Hindu unity. Provide/offer/empower them with suitable positions in organizations, institutions, temples etc.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)