16 Sanskars of Hindus from birth to death

1The Hindu way of life is replete with rituals–some of them are unknown to the modern generation but they hold their own meaning and significance. We will talk about the famous 16 sanskars.
15439317011_63cbc2b1b1_zGarbhaadhan Sanskar
This sanskar is done to bear progeny that brings good name to the dynasty. It’s also done to keep the dynasty running.

Pumsavana Sanskar
This sanskars is geared towards the intellectual and mental development of the baby in the womb.

Simantonayan Sanskar
This sanskar is done during the 4th, 6th and 8th month of pregnancy. The mother starts teaching its child with this.
Jaatakarma Sansakar
This sanskar ensures a lot of bad omens cleared from the infant. Done for the health and age of the child.

Nishkraman Sanskar
It’s done in the 4th month after the birth. It is done to invoke the blessings of five elements of the nature.
Annaprashana Sanskar
This is done during the teething period of the child. After this, feeding the grains, cereal etc. is started.

Mundan Sanskar
The removal of the hair is done during this sanskar. It is believed to strengthen the head of the child and also increase intellectual power.

Vidyaarambha Sanskar
As clear from the name itself, it is done to start the formal education of the child.

Vidyaarambha Sanskar
As clear from the name itself, it is done to start the formal education of the child.

Yagyopaveet Sanskar
It is done during the study of the child. It is also called Upanayana sanskar which means bringing close to the eye of the guru. Through this, the child gets strength, energy, and splendor.

Vedarambha Sanskar
As clear from the name again, it is done for the starting of study of the Vedas.

Keshant Sanskar
As clear from the name, it is related to removing the hair. This is done after completing the studies.

Samavartan Sanskar
It is done to mark the reentry of the child from the gurukula back to the society. It prepares the child for the further struggle of life.

Vivah Sanskar
It is done for marrying the child, basically oriented to keep the creation going on. It is believed that the pitririna is cleared after this.

Antyesti Sanskar
It is the last sanskar done during the sojourn on earth. After the person dies, according to various techniques mentioned in the Vedas, the body is given to fire.