Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham celebrates Holi

Borehamwood Times: The colours of spring

A temple will be transformed into a riotous kaleidoscope of colour as Hindus celebrate the coming of spring.

Hundreds of people of all ages will come together at Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple in Aldenham for the Hindu festival of Holi on Sunday from 4pm.

The air will be filled with colour as friends, families and strangers throw powder paint at each other, before gathering for the lighting of a bonfire.

Temple president Srutidharma Das said: “Spring marks the time of year when the land once again is in bloom and awash with colour, and the festival of Holi is a fitting celebration of this change in season.

“It is without doubt one of the liveliest days in the Indian calendar, bringing together old and young alike to take part in the festivities.”

As well as marking the coming of spring, the festival marks the ancient story of the boy saint, Prahlada, who was saved by Krishna from a raging fire set by his aunt Holika, as well as the exuberance of Krishna himself.

Source: Borehamwood Times