By: Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj on Aug 20, 2013 –

Heart of human beings are filled with emotions and desires . That’s why all relationships are tied by heart and feelings . Raksha bandhan is a festival which strengthens the bond of love between sisters and brothers .
With a thread , a string or a rakhi a sister prays for the long life , safety and security of her brother while a brother showers his affection and promises to take care of his sister through out his life . Both pray and wish for each other and also promise to take forth the vow , the bond of love in their families .
A brother promises that he will always stand beside his sister in any hour of need . A thread on the wrist of a brother reminds their love and affection which is made naturally by God , since they both are born in the same families , to same parents .  The exchange of gifts and sweets between this relationshipreminds them about their natural bond which they shared since their childhood .
The sweet and emotional bond which is not shared through words is tied on a brother’s wrist and the blessings from a sister for the long life and prosperity of her brother comes from her heart with prayers .
Money and gift in return from a brother shows his promise of his care and affection for the sister .

This bond of love – Raksha bandhan memorizes the old childhood memories for both and vows of love , care and affection in future .