A must- read book for decolonization ‘The White Sahibs in India’

‘The White Sahibs In India’, a book written in 1937 by a sympathetic Englishman, Reginald Reynolds, is relentless in graphically exposing the dishonesty, the inhumanity, the brutality of the growth and maintenance of British rule in India.

The book tells this ‘disturbing story’ in clear, well-referenced terms; a story that has been  carefully hidden away from us by our British-initiated, West-glorifying, India-bashing (subtly) education system. If the information in this book is presented to every Indian, the ‘unnatural attraction’ to the West and its value-systems would perhaps be comprehensively broken.

Republished by Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas (SIDH), Mussoorie.

The book is available on Hindu eShop ; Link : https://www.hindueshop.com/product/white-sahibs-in-india/

Source: Arise Bharat