Aamir Khan’s PK part of scheme to discredit Hinduism: Vishwa Hindu Parishad

pk_7_0_0_0_1Demanding a ban on Aamir Khan-starrer PK, right-wing group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Tuesday termed the film part of a larger scheme to discredit Hindu religion and rituals. VHP spokesman Vinod Bansal told IANS that they have also demanded an overhaul in the film censor board which approved the movie, and a “change in its character” is needed.

“The movie makes fun of Hinduism in every possible way. For those who are saying it hits at other religions too, all together the scenes of attack on Christianity and Islam will last for two minutes. But for the rest of two and half hours or more, they keep making fun of Hinduism,” said Bansal, on a day when protests were held at cinema halls in Delhi screening the film.

“The movie is so insensitive, the character was an alien, but the director was not,” he said. Bansal called it a part of a scheme to discredit Hindu rituals. “We want an immediate ban on the movie, and the government needs to change the character of the censor board. Every one says that we should not have problem when the censor board has cleared the movie, the question is who is heading the board…” he said.

Bansal added that National Investigation Agency (NIA) must probe the source of funding for the movie, after Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy’s claim that the movie was funded by ISI. Asked about the vandalism, the spokesman said: “Are the theatres not guilty of screening the movie and being a party to the malignant agenda.” He also claimed that there was no vandalism in Delhi theatres.

“We staged peaceful protest at Delite cinema, and another protest at Priya cinema”. Asked to air his objections on the movie, Bansal said there is a long list.

Source: india.com