Action plan for Pakistani Hindu migrants soon: Rajnath Singh

22lead5Union home minister Rajanath Singh has said that central government will prepare an action plan shortly for the proper rehabilitation of Pakistani Hindu migrants living in various parts of Rajasthan and other places. 

He said that ministry of home Affairs is aware of persecution of minority Hindus in Pakistan and will try to remove problem faced by them after migrating to India and difficulties in getting Indian citizenship.

Singh was talking to a delegation of Seemant Lok Sangathan, an NGO working for the betterment of the Pak Hindu migrants. Hundreds of Pak migrants living on the city outskirts reached to the civil airport and told the Union minister adversities they are facing while living here on long-term visa.

Singh was in the city to attend the centenary celebration of historic Chopasani School. He arrived in the city in the evening in a service aircraft and after meeting the Pak refugees, he departed for the function. He is scheduled to returned back to Delhi late in the night.

“We are aware of the situation and will introduce an action plan soon,” Rajnath assured the Pak migrants. He said BJP has included their issue in its election manifesto and is determined to provide every kind of help to the Pakistani Hindu migrants arriving to India because of religious persecution on their own country.

“Persecuted Pakistani Hindus have overwhelmingly migrated to India during last three years hoping respite from atrocities in Sindh province of Pakistan, but due to unfriendly policies, they are compelled to go back,” Hindu Sing Sodha, president, SLS, told the union home minister. 

He said that only in last couple of months around 500 Pakistani migrants only from Jodhpur chose to go back due to hurdles making their day to day life harsh to survive here.

With hundreds of Pak migrants, Sodha handed over a roadmap to Rajnath, which suggests refugee status for those living on LTV, provide them basic amenities which are now restricted for them as foreign national, delegating powers to DMs for granting citizenship to Pak migrants.

Action plan for Pak Hindu migrants soon: Rajnath Singh – Hindustan Times

Source: Pakistan Defence