Advocate Ravindra Ghosh, the President of ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’ brutally attacked in Court by fanatic advocates !

Dhaka – Advocate Ravindra Ghosh, the President of ‘Bangla Desh Minority Watch’ accepted case of 15 innocent Hindus, detained in false accusation of murder,  to apply for bail. Advocate Ghosh was presenting the case of innocent Hindus in the court when fanatic Muslim advocates attacked him brutally. It is learnt that Ghosh has been seriously injured.

  1. On 14th October, a Muslim named Masudur Rehman Rabbet was trying to damage the idol of Sri Durga Devi besides beating up Hindu women and children. Few persons in retaliation beat him in which he died.
  2. Police arrested 15 innocent Hindus in this connection. The incident occurred in the jurisdiction of Gopalganj Court. Fanatic Muslims from Gopalganj hatched a plot in such manner that Hindus’ case would not be accepted by any advocate.
  3. The ploy was learnt by advocate Ravindra Ghosh, the President of ‘Bangla Desh Minority Watch’ and he immediately rushed to Gopalganj and accepted case of Hindus detained in prison. As he started to present their case in Court, 6 fanatic Muslims came there and brutally attacked him. He would not have been saved if other advocates had not shifted him somewhere else.
  4. Advocate Ghosh first lodged a complaint about it with the Court officer and later to police officer. He also talked to the Home Minister of Bangla Desh; but did not receive expected response.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti