All India Hindu Ahdiveshan at Goa concerned about Jihad, Evangelic and IS threats in Bharat

Navhind Times: June 15, 2015.


 All India Hindu Adhiveshan at Goa is concerned about Jihad, Evangelic  and IS threat in Bharat.  

HENB – HJS | Ramnathi (Goa) | June 15, 2015:: In the fourth day of All India Hindu convention (June 11-17, 2015) at Goa,  the proliferation of Jihad and its consequences in Kashmir, Assam, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu was discussed in details.

Some participant organisations have also started a website as “India Against Islamic State”.

Taliban & ISIS influence increasing in Kashmir : Shri Ajay Chrongu.

AC“If Kashmiri Hindus go back to live in Kashmir will they have freedom ? Will the fanatics who had driven away Hindus be punished ? We must get the answer to these questions; only then can the Kashmiri Hindus be rehabilitated peacefully in Kashmir. The terrorists in Kashmir now have the backing of Taliban and ISIS. Hence, the situation in Kashmir has worsened than before. The policies of the current BJP-PDP Government towards Kashmiri Hindus is no different from the policies of the Congress Government of the past. Hence, Hindus are disappointed with BJP. The Hindus are now protesting against the inappropriate policies of the BJP. The Government is just trying to find diplomatic answers to this problem. They are not bothered about the core issue.” These were the staunch words spoken by Shri. Ajay Chrongu, President of the ‘Panun Kashmir’ organisation, while addressing the first session of day 4 of the 4th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan, organised at Ramnathi, Goa. At that time, prominent personalities like Shri. Bapanchandra Debnath of Hindu Yuva Manch, Shri. Upanand Brahmachari, the editor of Hindu Existence website, Shri. Arjun Sampath of Hindu Makkal Katchi were sharing the stage with him.

Shri. Ajay Chrongu further said, “People always speak about the genocide during the 2nd World War. However, no one mentions about the genocide of Hindus all over the world in the last few centuries and in Kashmir after independence ! This genocide must be the core issue of every convention. The fight that we are putting up is the need of the hour. The genocide of Hindus must be the core issue of every convention, every programme.”

Islamic Jihad is a big threat to Bengal and Bharat : Shri Upanand Brahmachari.

Upanand_Brahmachari_600Shri Upanand Brahmachari, Editor,Hindu Existence website, Bengal put forth the dangers of Jihad. He said, ‘Imperialism is always threat to world. But, Islamic Imperialism is the biggest threat to Bharat and the rest of the world’. Islamic Imperialism is spreading through Jihad in every possible way. Now we have Love Jihad, Land Jihad, Rape Jihad, Financial Jihad, Population Jihad, Political Jihad, Cyber Jihad etc. This jihad is carried out with an intention of converting Bharat into an Islamic Nation as well as  preparing for a Pan Islam setup in the present civilization. In the same way there is an increase in the number of attacks by jihadis in Bengal in various ways on daily basis. The situation of Hindus in Bengal is slowly becoming like the situation in Kashmir and Assam. The Trinamool Congress Government in Bengal is busy in appeasing jihadis. Recently, they have included the founder of SIMI in their party by sending him as a Rajya Sabha (upper house of Indian parliament) member.

Performing Durga-puja in mixed localities or  Saraswami Puja in Vasant Panchami in schools are becoming difficult now in many places in West Bengal. Many districts in Bengal are on the verge of becoming Muslim-majority districts. Muslims are entering the Government as well. Muslims are also publishing daily news paper in Bengali to propagate Jihad and running career development and training centers for Muslim youths to be competent enough for appearing IAS, IPS and WBCS examinations. For this, they are being assisted in every possible way. Recently, an IPS officer of Bengal cader claimed a Muslim CM in West Bengal. Once, Muslims become Government officials, they will assist jihadis either openly or silently. And this will make the situation very dangerous for Hindus.

Rise in infiltration & conversion in North-East India : Shri Bapanchandra Debnath.

Bapan_Chandra_Debnath-_600Delicate situation of Assam and other North-east States because of infiltration and conversion – Shri. Bapanchandra Debnath, Secretary,Hindu Yuva Manch, Assam

‘The situation in Assam as well as other North-eastern States such as Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura etc. is delicate, as religious conversion is going on at a serious pace. There are 15 million illegal Bangladeshis in Assam. Most of them have ration cards now. It is saddening, that inspite of such a grave situation, Hindus are sleeping. One of the districts of Assam has a local MLA; also the local governing body is under BJP rule. Inspite of this, temples are being demolished there under the pretext of development. We are protesting against this. The establishment of Hindu Rashtra should begin from States such as Kerala and Assam.”

Shri. Bapanchandra Debnath said, “After looking at the activities of other Hindu organisations, we had given up hope about the improvement in the condition of Hindus. However, after coming in contact with Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, I regained my lost faith. Now I feel that something positive can be done for Hindus.”

127 Hindu leaders killed in Tamil Nadu – Shri Arjun Sampath.

Arjun_sampad_600Shri. Arjun Sampath, President, Hindu Makkal Katchi (Hindu Peoples Party), Tamil Nadu said during the 4th Adhiveshan, ‘There are 80% Hindus in Tamil Nadu. However, they are divided on the basis of caste, sect and politics. There is no unity amongst the Hindu organisations in Tamil Nadu. Preachers of other religions are openly propagating their religion; however, Hindus are silent. There are increasing number of attacks on Hindus in Tamil Nadu. Ever since Jayalalitha has assumed power in Tamil Nadu, seven Hindu leaders have been murdered. The fanatic Muslim organisations are looking out for those working for the cause of Hindutva and are brutally assaulting them. In the past 30 years, 127 Hindu leaders have been killed.

Fatwas were announced to kill me as well. Last year, secretary of the Hindu Munnani Organisation was killed. Even religious conversions by Christians is on the rise. Recently, 100 families from Minakshipuram converted to Christianity. The former Chief Minister, Karunanidhi, openly addresses Hindus as ‘Thieves’.’

Highlights of 4th day of Hindu Adhiveshan.