American Hindu Organizations Donates Blankets to Pakistani Hindu Refugees


R-L: Vikram Parihar (Chief -Hindu Helpline Jodhpur) & Shri. Bhawar Lal Chowdary (VHP Jodhpur Chief) with Pakistani Hindu Refugees at Jodhpur

Prominent Hindu organizations of America including World Hindu Council of America (VHPA), Hindu American Founda-tion (HAF), United States Sindhi Alliance donated 60 blankets Pakistani Hindu Refugees families based at city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. The blankets were donated as a part of nationwide project in USA coordinated by an alliance of various Hindu organizations under project ‘Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief’.

This donation events was coordinated locally by Jodhpur VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) and Hindu Helpline activists.


In total 70 Hindu families have been residing at this camp at Jodhpur and have allied for refugee status. Their kids are going to school now and have been staying at Govt. of Rajasthan shelter for homeless people. A requirement was blankets for cold weather, which was translated to VHP Jodhpur and reached VHPA. VHPA updated ‘Pakistani Hindu Refugee Re-lief’ project partners and thus funds were collected and this event focusing on assisting Hindu refugee children with local school compliance and norms was implemented. Another major blanket distribution event is in progress and schedule to take place in a week or so.


Hindu refugees have recently arrived from Pakistan after facing grave human rights violation, with situation in Pakistan become inhabitable for Hindus in Pakistan, more refugees are arriving in India on religious visas. Many of the refugees claim that they are subject to discrimination in Pakistan and are subject to various human rights violations like freedom of work, speech, religion and reside. In late 2012 a total of two hundred and forty refugees arrived from Pakistan Sindh province, recently around 500—700 refugees arrived from Pakistan comprising mainly women and children.



Efforts towards this cause has paid fruits with Jodhpur district administration providing a municipal shelter for earlier group. More information on this united effort can be researched at :

This international relief project is being coordinated at local level with strategic assistance from office bearers and volun-teers of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Hindu Help Line (HHL). VHP has presence in more than 80,000 cities and villages in India with infrastructure and support supply chain, that greatly helps in coordinating international relief efforts in any part of India. Various regional units of VHP are already providing moral support , daily sustenance need, legal and social support and relief to existing Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India in their respective capacities.


Hindu Organizations in America requests Indian Government to provide immediate citizenship and assistance in terms of land allotment, temporary work permits and BPL cards to Pakistani Hindu Refugees who wish to settle in India. These Pakistani Hindu refu-gees have travelled a long way from Pakistan to escape severe human rights violations. It’s a moral and ethical duty of various state and central government to provide assistance to our Hindu brothers and sisters. Hindu Organizations in America also request India based social and philanthropist organizations to come forward and help these refugees in whatever faculties.

In 1947 and 1975 also millions of refugees ar-rived in India from Pakistan and Bangladesh, many are settled now as Indian citizens, hopefully these refugees will also one day con-tribute towards growth of India. It’s in this cur-rent phase they need your help. In past MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) & local administration has provided assistance and US based Hindu organizations appreciate that.

“Service to Human Beings is Service to God” – Swami Vivekananda
Many Hindu organizations in USA are also protesting at Pakistani consulates and demanding immediate relief to Hindus in Pakistan. More information on this worldwide efforts alongside reports can be researched at :

Still there are many upcoming requirements like portable water filters, new clothes, blankets, Sewing machines, Charpai – Bed, Medicines ( looking to the fact that winters are coming up) and more tents. Tents are important requirement as they provide shelter to one family of four to five and also protect Hindu refugees from in-sects, reptiles and nature ( rain, sun, wind).

Please call / write to newly formed Rajasthan Govt. minsters (Chief Minister = Smt. Vasundhara Raje Scindia.) on individual or organizational capacity to allot land & citizenship assistance to Pakistani Hindu refugees of Rajasthan.

Request for a land where these Pakistani Hindu groups can reside in peace without bothering for monthly migration is the most important and urgent need. VHPA & allied American Hindu Organizations on behalf of Global Hindu Community requests Govt. of Rajasthan to allot permanent land to these three groups of refuges and other groups based in Rajasthan and help them towards Indian citizenship process.




Please see all press releases and news coverage at:

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Dec, 2013 30 Blankets US Sindhi Alliance, HAF, VHPA Jodhpur –Mandor
Jan, 2014 60 Blankets US Sindhi Alliance, HAF, VHPA Jodhpur –Mandor
Jan, 2014 40 Blankets (upcoming) US Sindhi Alliance, HAF, VHPA Jodhpur –Chopasni
Jan, 2014 30 Pressure Cookers (upcoming) US Sindhi Alliance, HAF, VHPA New Delhi—Jantar Mantar




Source: Pakistan Hindu Refugee Relief Project