An Appeal by Hindu Education Foundation

An Appeal by Hindu Education Foundation

Hindu community has been working relentlessly for several years to improve the portrayal of Hinduism and Indian civilization in California school textbooks. Many reports link denigrating portrayal of Hinduism in textbooks to the rising incidents of bullying and harassment that Hindu children face in classrooms.

The movement to correct the textbooks is now at a crucial juncture. After massive protests by parents and community members across California, the California Department of Education (CDE) has recommended rejection of some material and some corrections to the other drafts. These recommendations will be discussed and voted upon by the California State Board Of Education on November 8 and 9th.

Here is a petition by Hindu Education Foundation USA (HEF) to the California State Board of Education to reject the textbooks that have inaccuracies and biases against Hinduism and India.

Petitioning California State Board of Education

We request you to consider signing the petition and to share it with all your friends so that the cause gets widespread support.


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