Anita Ratnam tells A Million Sitas


Dr. Anita Ratnam

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, March 20, 2015 (NYU Steinhardt school of music): Through the lens of Sita, timeless icon of womanhood, Anita Ratnam refracts and reweaves the many strands of the majestic and sweeping Hindu epic. One of India’s most celebrated dance-actors, Ratnam brings storytelling, theatre, and dance to her rendering of Sita, who stands at the epicenter of this story of love, honor, courage, treachery, and sacrifice.

Dr. Anita Ratnam, one of India’s most renowned performers, describes herself as a “contemporary classicist” whose solo work re-imagines notions of what is sacred and what is secular from within the framework of her life and experience. Her ability to connect through storytelling, musical theatre, and gesture to a wide variety of audiences has led to international engagements in diverse venues such as Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Korzo Theatre in The Hague, Substation Singapore, Newark Museum, and Peabody Essex Museum in the US. 
All shows, scheduled for May 3, 2015 at 3.00 p.m, are at the historic Provincetown Playhouse at 133 MacDougal Street, New York City, and are appropriate for adults and children over 12.

Source: Hinduism Today