Anti-National Play “ALI J” on Jinnah is Cancelled from Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai after Hindus protest

AChennai based EVAM group is staging Play “ALI J” Based on Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the person mastermind for India’s Partition and Slaughter of Lakhs of Hindus.

Now it is craze for cheap Publicity & Popularity. For that these people can sale their Mother also.

HJS has strongly opposed this Play and filed Police Complaint at 2 police Stations against Play & also Issued Legal Notice to organisers of Kala Ghoda Festival and Theater Owner. With Immediate effect of this Kala Ghoda Festival issued written Letter of Cancelling “ALI J” show. (LETTER from Organisers is attached)

Thanks to those all, who supported us in this Protest Campaign.

Now Next show is in Chennai and we must be vigilant for not allowing them to Play to go there.