Anti-superstitions Act to rip up Ayurveda

Inhuman Act that prohibits different effective divine remedies on complicated ailments !

Riding on the sympathy wave after Dr. Narendra Dabholkar’s killing, Maharashtra Government,  which blows its own trumpets of so-called progressiveness, implemented the anti-superstitions Act by issuing an Ordinance. The Government is planning to pass it in the forthcoming winter session of State Legislative Assembly. Under influence of very few atheists, the Act has been drafted and it has many shortcomings. Owing to such shortcomings, there is likelihood of eradication of some remedial methods prescribed in Ayurveda. Let us understand through this article, the objections raised by practitioners of Ayurveda.

1. 65% of ailments suffered in life are due to reasons beyond understanding or normal perceptions

As per Ayurveda, ailments are numerous; still they are divided in 3 categories. – Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar

दृष्टापचारजः कश्‍चित् कश्‍चित्पूर्वापराधजः ।
तत्सङ्करात् भवत्यन्यो व्याधिरेवं त्रिधा स्मृतः ॥

– अष्टांगहृदय, सूत्रस्थान, अध्याय १२, श्‍लोक ५७

– Ashtangrhuday, Sutra-sthan, Chapter 12, Shloka 57

Meaning : Drushtapacharaj (disease due to causes originating in this life time), ‘Purvaparadhaj (disease due to cause originating in past birth) and ‘Ubhayaj (diseases that affect due to both the above causes) are the 3 types of diseases.

It means 1/3rd ailments occur due to acts done in previous birth; whereas in other 1/3rd ailments, acts taken place in earlier birth is a co- cause. In other words, 65% ailments are due to causes that are beyond understanding as per Ayurveda.

2. Ailments due to causes originating in previous birth require divine (spiritual) remedy

In Ayurveda, there is guidance on how to cure these 3 types of diseases.

विपक्षशीलनात् पूर्वः कर्मजः कर्मसङ्क्षयात् ।
गच्छत्युभयजन्मा तु दोषकर्मक्षयात् क्षयम् ॥

– अष्टांगहृदय, सूत्रस्थान, अध्याय १२, श्‍लोक ५८

– Ashtangrhuday, Sutrasthan, Adhyay 12, Shloka 58

Meaning : ‘Drushtaparaj’ ailments can be cured with contrary treatment; ‘Karmaj’ or ‘purvaparadhaj’ ailments are cured only after the effect of acts is over; whereas in ‘Ubhayaj’ ailments, along with contrary treatment, effect of acts getting over is also necessary.

For destroying the effect of acts, ‘Daivavyapashraya’ treatment has been prescribed independently in Ayurveda. It is clear from the above points that divine (spiritual) remedies are necessary for 65% of ailments which are due to causes of extra- sensory powers, beyond understanding.

3. Bhoot-vidya : Inseparable part of Ayurveda

In the following shloka, names of 8 branches are given.

कायबालग्रहोर्ध्वाङ्गशल्यदंष्ट्राजरावृषान् ।
अष्टावङ्गानि तस्याहुश्‍चिकित्सा येषु संश्रिता ॥

– अष्टांगहृदय, सूत्रस्थान, अध्याय १, श्‍लोक ५

– Ashtangrhuday, Sutra-sthan, Chapter 1, Shloka-5

Meaning : ‘Kaay-chikitsa’ (known as medicine in modern medical science), ‘baal-chikitsa’ (ailments related to women and children), ‘Grah-chikitsa (Bhoot-vidya)’, ‘Urdhvang-chikitsa or Shalakya Tantra (science behind part of the body above neck)’, ‘shalya-chikitsa (surgery)’ , ‘Danshtra’ or ‘Visha-chikitsa (treatment for poisoning)’, ‘Jara-chikitsa (to postpone aging or reviving youth)’ and ‘Vrusha-chikitsa’ or ‘Bajikaran (treatment for conceiving child) are 8 branches of Ayurveda. Out of these, ‘Bhoot-vidya’ is totally based on divine (spiritual) remedies.

3.A. Definition of ‘Bhoot-Vidya’

भूतविद्या नाम देवासुरगन्धर्वयक्षरक्षःपितृपिशाचनागग्रहाद्युपसृष्टचेतसां
शान्तिकर्मबलिहरणादिग्रहोपशमनार्थम् ।

– सुश्रुतसंहिता, सूत्रस्थान, अध्याय १, सूत्र ४

-Sushrut Sanhita, Sutra-sthan, Chapter 1, Sutra- 4

Meaning : Science that gives guidance on methods of treatment like ‘Shanti’, ‘Yadnya’, giving sacrifice etc. on persons possessed by ‘Deva/ Asuras / Gandharvas/ Yakshas / Pitaras/ Pishacha / Naag / Grah’ etc. is ‘Bhoot-vidya’.

3.B. Atharva- Veda – the source of origin of ‘Bhoot-vidya’

अथर्वविहिता शान्तिः प्रतिकूलग्रहार्चनम् ।
भूताद्यस्पर्शनोपायो निर्दिष्टश्‍च पृथक् पृथक् ॥

– अष्टांगहृदय, सूत्रस्थान, अध्याय १, श्‍लोक ३४

– Ashtangrhuday, Sutra-sthan, Chapter 1, Shloka 34

Meaning : Remedies like ‘Shanti-karme’, ‘puja of unfavourable planets’ and other divine treatment as prescribed in Atharva-Veda can stop invited ailments like possession by ghosts.

It is stated in ‘Gopathabrahmana’ that ‘Asura-Veda’ and ‘Pishacha-Veda’ are sub-Vedas of Atharva-Veda. The origin of Ayurveda is also in Atharva-Veda; therefore, ‘Bhoot-vidya’ is a science certified by ‘Atharva-Veda’ i.e. Dharma-shastra.

4. There are more extra-sensory perceived things than things perceived with ordinary senses !

Anti-superstitions Act does not accept existence of ghost or extra-sensory powers. In ancient times, Charakacharya advised people to give up atheism and have faith giving reason as,

प्रत्यक्षं ह्यल्पम् अनल्पमप्रत्यक्षमस्ति ।

– चरकसंहिता, सूत्रस्थान, अध्याय ११, सूत्र ७

– Charak Sanhita, Sutra-sthan, Chapter 11, Sutra 7

Meaning : Things which can be perceived with normal senses are very few in this world whereas extra-sensory perceived things are more in comparison.

Extra-sensory entities like ghost, Pishacha cannot be seen with normal human eyes; but ailments as their effect are many in this world. One has to, therefore, accept their existence. If one accepts their existence, it does not mean that one should be afraid or create terror amongst people about the same. In fact, getting proper knowledge of something helps to reduce unnecessary fear about that thing.

5. Is it not inhumanity of the Government to prevent people from giving treatment on ailments that cannot be perceived with sense organs ?

We have already seen that 65% of ailments are beyond our perception and our extremely kind Sages & Seers have told us about many divine (spiritual) remedies to overcome such ailments. Such remedies are medicines for these ailments; but even if a ‘Vaidya’ diagnoses it properly, it will be an offence to give such treatment / medicine to patient owing to anti-Superstitions Act. The Government is spreading rumour of social health of society being in danger due to so-called superstitions; but is it not spoiling the social health by depriving a patient of such divine treatment ? Is it not inhuman of the Government to keep a patient away from proper medicines ?

– Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar, Ayurveda consultant, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (3.12.2013)      

‘Charak-sanhita’, ‘Sushrut-Sanhita’ and ‘Ashtang-rhuday’ are the most ancient and authentic books in Ayurveda. The principles explained in them are still applicable. These books are the soul of Ayurveda. In the curriculum of Ayurveda, all 3 books are taught.

Graha-badha, possession is not quackery but facts !

5.1. Definition of ‘Graha-baadhaa’ 

Many people consider ‘Graha’ as something limited to only astrology. The word ‘Graha’ has been defined by Monier Williams in his Sanskrut disctionary as follows – Particular evil demons or spirits who seize or exercise a bad influence on the body and mind of man (It falls within the province of medical science to expel these demons)

5.2. References to ‘Graha-baadhaa’, possession etc. in Ayurveda

Under the subjects like ‘Bal-graha’, ‘Bhut-graha’ and ‘Bhutonmaad’, their causes, symptoms and treatment for them are given.

5.2.A. Reasons of possession by evil spirits

केचित् पुनः पूर्वकृतं कर्माप्रशस्तमिच्छन्ति तस्य निमित्तम् ।

– चरकसंहिता, निदानस्थान, अध्याय ७, सूत्र १०

– Charak Sanhita, Nidaan-sthan, Chapter 7, point 10  

Meaning : Reason for getting possessed by negative energies is sin committed in previous births.

प्रज्ञापराधात् हि अयं देवर्षिपितृगन्धर्वयक्षराक्षसपिशाचगुरुवृद्धसिद्धाचार्यपूज्यान्
अवमति अहितानि आचरति अन्यद्वा किञ्चित् एवंविधं कर्म अप्रशस्तम् आरभते ।

– चरकसंहिता, निदानस्थान, अध्याय ७, सूत्र १०

-Charak Sanhita, Nidaan-sthan, Chapter 7, point 10  

Meaning : A person insults God/ Sage/ Pitar/ Gandharva/Yaksha/ Pishacha/ Rakshas/ Guru/ Vruddha (old person/ aged)/ Siddha/ Acharya/ or behaves in improper manner or commits other sins because of lapse of their intelligence; therefore, losing prudence is the root cause of getting possessed by ghosts.

5.2.B How do various super-natural powers possess ?  

अवलोकयन्तो देवा जनयन्त्युन्मादं गुरुवृद्धसिद्धमहर्षयोऽभिशपन्तः पितरो धर्षयन्तः स्पृशन्तो
गन्धर्वाः समाविशन्तो यक्षाः राक्षसास्त्वात्मगन्धमाघ्रापयन्तः पिशाचाः पुनरारुह्य वाहयन्तः ।

– चरकसंहिता, निदानस्थान, अध्याय ७, सूत्र १२

– Charak Sanhita, Nidaan-sthan, Chapter 7, point 12

Meaning : Gods possess by looking with their eyes; Guru, vruddha (old person/ aged), Siddha, Sage by giving curse; Pitara by threatening, Gandharva by touching, Yaksha by entering body, Rakshasa by giving smell of rotten flesh and Pishacha by holding on to neck.

5.2.C. Places and time when super-natural powers can possess

पापस्य कर्मणः समारम्भे पूर्वकृतस्य वा कर्मणः परिणामकाले एकस्य वा शून्यगृहवासे
चतुष्पथाधिष्ठाने वा सन्ध्यावेलायाम् अप्रयतभावे वा पर्वसन्धिषु वा मिथुनीभावे
रजस्वलाभिगमने वा विगुणे वा अध्ययनबलिमङ्गलहोमप्रयोगे नियमव्रतब्रह्मचर्यभङ्गे
वा महाहवे वा देशकुलपुरविनाशे वा महाग्रहोपगमने वा स्त्रिया वा प्रजननकाले
विविधभूताशुभाशुचिस्पर्शने वा वमनविरेचनरुधिरस्रावे अशुचेः अप्रयतस्य वा
चैत्यदेवायतनाभिगमने वा मांसमधुतिलगुडमद्योच्छिष्टे वा दिग्वाससि
वा निशि नगरनिगमचतुष्पथोपवनश्मशानाघातनाभिगमने वा द्विजगुरुसुरयतिपूज्याभिधर्षणे वा
धर्माख्यानव्यतिक्रमे वा अन्यस्य वा कर्मणोऽप्रशस्तस्यारम्भे इत्यभिघातकाला व्याख्याता भवन्ति ।

– Charak Sanhita, Nidaan-sthan, Chapter 7, point 14

Meaning :  While starting to commit sin, if time to get fruits of sins committed during previous births has approached; when alone in a deserted place or premises; when sitting or standing in a ‘Chowk (where 4 roads meet)’; in evening when one is not alert or not pure; if having intercourse with a woman on the day of full moon or new moon; or with a woman during her menses, if ‘Adhyayan/ Bali/ Home’ are done in wrong manner; if there is breach of rules of observances and ‘Brahmacharya’; during a mega war; at the time of destruction of nation, family, city; if coming in contact with a big ‘graha (evil spirit); during pregnancy of a woman; by touching different inauspicious or impure things; when vomitting , catharsis, taking out blood for treatment etc; if visited a temple in impure state; consuming left-over meat, honey, sesame, jiggery or liquor; in nude condition; in the night going to a point where 4 roads meet in a town or village or garden or crematorium etc.; by insulting Brahmin, Guru, God, Sanyasi, revered person; not abiding by Dharma or if any sin is committed, super-natural powers can possess.

5.2. D. Symptoms of possession

तस्येमानि रूपाणि भवन्ति तद्यथा अत्यात्मबलवीर्यपौरुषपराक्रमग्रहणधारणस्मरणज्ञानवचनविज्ञानानि अनियतश्‍चोन्मादकालः ।

– चरकसंहिता, निदानस्थान, अध्याय ७, सूत्र १३

– Charak Sanhita, Nidaan-sthan, Chapter 7, point 13

Meaning : Signs of possession are – persons who are possessed can get extra-ordinary strength, valour, virility, grasping, holding, memory, knowledge, speech and science etc. and their period of possession is indefinite.

5.2. E. Reasons for possession by super-natural powers

त्रिविधं तु खलून्मादकराणां भूतानामुन्मादेन प्रयोजनं भवति तद्यथा हिंसा रतिः अभ्यर्चनं चेति ।
तत्र हिंसार्थिनोन्माद्यमानोऽग्निं प्रविशति अप्सु निमज्जति स्थलाच्छ्वभ्रे वा पतति शस्त्रकशाकाष्ठलोष्टमुष्टिभिः हन्ति आत्मानम् अन्यच्च प्राणवधार्थमारभते किञ्चित् ।

– चरकसंहिता, निदानस्थान, अध्याय ७, सूत्र १५

– Charak Sanhita, Nidaan-sthan, Chapter 7, point 15

Meaning : There are 3 types of motives of super-natural powers to cause possession i.e. to resort to violence, to make love or to worship. Among them, person possessed by spirit who wants to cause violence, sets self on fire; jumps in big water body or jumps in a hole/ pit from height; attacks self with a weapon, whip, wood, stone or fist or tries to commit suicide with some other means.

5.2. F.  Remedies as prescribed in Ayurveda on possession

तयोः साधनानि मन्त्रौषधिमणिमङ्गलबल्युपहारहोमनियमव्रतप्रायश्‍चित्तोप-वासस्वस्त्ययनप्रणिपातगमनादीनि ।

– चरकसंहिता, निदानस्थान, अध्याय ७, सूत्र १६

– Charak Sanhita, Nidaan-sthan, Chapter 7, point 16

Meaning : ‘mantra’, ‘wearing stone/ gem’, auspicious deed, sacrifice, ‘homa-havan, observances, atonement, fasting, ‘Swasti’- reading, offering obeisance are the remedies for possession

5.3. ‘Graha-baadhaa’, possession is not quackery !  

It will not be wise to criticize in a hurry and say that all the references given above are quackery. The above symptoms are being experienced by man since time immemorial and it is also noted in most ancient book like Ayurveda. Our Sages and Seers have not given all the explanation to create fear amongst people but only with pure compassion and with the thought of people getting benefit of such knowledge and persons affected with such ailments, getting rid of such ailments.

There are many such patients even today; but as these things have been branded as quackery without proper study; proper treatment as prescribed in Ayurveda is not given to them. Today, many diseases affect us due to contact, infections, says modern medical science. It will be as ridiculous to say that infection is quackery; as to deny existence of super-natural powers without proper study. There are many references including the ones given above in Ayurveda and we see symptoms of those ailments around us, then it is beyond perception as to why is the Government ignoring such bright sun in the form of knowledge by covering its eyes with strips of ego and selfishness.

Prayer !

It is a prayer at the holy feet of Bhagavan Dhanvantari that the ghost of atheism and fake progressiveness sitting on the neck of the Government be removed and let the Government acquire good sense for cancelling the anti-superstitions Act !

– Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar, practitioner of Ayurveda, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (3.12.2013)

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat