Armed Jihadis attack Hindu family

Mumbai : A group of 15-20 armed Jihadis entered house of a Hindu family and attacked the residents. One 70 years old Hindu woman has been seriously injured in the attack along with another woman.

One Jihadi named Arbaz Sheikh (age – 18 yrs) staying next to a Hindu family was standing in the area with his friends and smoking. His father enquired about Arbaz with this Hindu family when a boy from this family told him that he was standing nearby and smoking.

Then the father thrashed Arbaz in front of everyone. Arbaz decided to take revenge of that Hindu boy and hatched a plot.He concocted a story that Hindu family kidnapped him and he was beaten up; calling up his friends and relatives for help.

Arbaz came with his accomplices carrying 15-20 swords and choppers and barged into this Hindu family’s house. All of them suddenly attacked the family when the grandfather, parents and uncle of that Hindu boy were present. Jihadi mob struck them with weapons. Condition of that boy’s uncle is delicate and he has been admitted to a hospital. His parents have also been admitted to a private hospital.Police have filed cases against Arbaz and his accomplices for trying to kill Hindu family, rioting, beating, using destructive weapons etc.

Source: Hindujagruti