Bangalore will host Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair in December


Five-day Grand Hindu Spiritual and Service Orgs Fair to Start in December in Bangalore.


HENB | Bangalore | Nov 14, 2015:: A grand five-day Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair (HSSF) will be held at the National High School grounds at Basavanagudi from December 9 to 13.

The fair will showcase the works of various socio-religious institutes across the state. Noted columnist S Gurumurthy, who was in the city to announce the fair, on Thursday said, “The Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair will provide a platform to organisations engaged in imparting services to society to motivate and involve the public to be part of the process of social transformation.”The conclave is the first of its kind to be organised here and it is expected to witness a footfall of at least two lakh from the city and nearby districts.  HSSF president Vijay Sankeshwar said the fair will help connect people with their tradition.

Addressing the press conference in Bengaluru, eminent economist S Gurumurthy and President of reception committee of HSSF-2015 Vijaya Sankeshwara said “The Hindu spiritual and service fair will provide a platform for spiritual and service organisations and also to motivate, involve the public to be part of the process of social transformation.”

As told to HENB, it is gathered that the fair and the pre-fair programs are the great leap forward in connecting Hindu spirituality to contemporary challenges. The Fair will be thematic in features, original in exposition and contemporary in message. The several programmes including the pre-fair ones integrated into the fair will philosophically explain and practically expound how Hindu spiritual values and the traditional Hindu lifestyle are based on them, which provides solution for the critical contemporary issues of the world and India – Environment, Ecology, Pollution, Human values, Women’s Honour and Patriotism. The diverse programmes at the fair showcase the Themes that flow from Hindu Spiritual Genius, Ancient Literature and Life-style commonly known as “DHARMA”. The Fair demonstrates that Hindu Spiritualism and Life Style is based on the Principles.

These values constitute the thematic pillars of the Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair. All the programmers at the Fair are designed to connect high Hindu spiritual values to daily lifestyle by Themes, Samskarams and Symbols.

The Fair packages and presents the samskarams to internalise the themes – the Samskarams [mental and psychological training].

The event, being organised by HSSF-Bengaluru, will focus on themes like protecting a woman’s honour, inculcating human and family values, instilling patriotism, sustaining the environment, conserving forests, protecting wildlife and preserving the ecology.

“We will also conduct traditional game competitions for children during the fair. In contemporary times, people have moved away from their roots and have forgotten their own rich culture and heritage. The fair will help them reconnect,” S Gurumurthy said.

Declining to comment on the controversy surrounding the celebration of Tipu Jayanti in the state, Gurumurthy said Hinduism is a way of life and it shouldn’t be confused with other things. Sectarianism in this country is a “manufactured reaction” and one should not stretch the discourse around it.

He added, “We need a paradigm shift in the way we are leading our lives to make it healthy and purposeful. The contemporary society is fast evolving as a mindless audience, especially children, who have forgotten our traditional games, which is now being suggested by doctors as treatment for dyslexia and improving hand and mind coordination.”

The 5-day conclave will be expected to be attended by nearly 10 lakh citizens of Bengaluru and nearby districts, which is first of its kind in Bengaluru.

As a part of Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair, a mega walkathon will be held on December 5th, 9.30am in Bengaluru. Several competitions were organised for the School students.

The event to conclude on December 13th Sunday evening.

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Source: Hindu Existence