Bangladesh: Member of Parliament threatening HR defender Adv.Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch to stop fact-finding on Minorities

​​Gini MP

Ms.Mahabub Ara Begum Gini ( Member of Parliament from Gaibanda-2) threatening Adv. Rabindra Ghosh to stop fact finding of  Minority Repression at Gaibandha Distric



Hindu Houses and Temple demolished for Extorting money – Police suppressed the facts:

The  Daily  Janakantha,  Saturday,  7th February,2015.


Due to continuous violence on Hindu minority family recently took place on 4th February,2015, I, Adv. Rabindra Ghosh, on behalf of Bangladesh Minority Watch wanted to know why the atrocities against Sabitri Rani and her family members will not be looked into as per report published in the National Daily “Janakantha” dated 7th February,2015. The alleged report published says – one Golam Mostafa and his wife Sonaton Begum (Kamri) of Gaibandha approached  Sabitri Rani on 4th Feb,15 demanding money amounting to Taka 1,00,000/- (one Lack) as zizia tax; otherwise it would be difficult for Hindu family to remain within their house; Ms. Sabitri Rani refused to pay such amount of money and as a result the perpetrators/land grabbers attacked the house and temple of Sabitri Rani and ransacked house materials and goods causing severe injuries to victim – Ms.Sarashi Bala (70) and also desecration of Hindu deities.

I, on behalf of BDMW communicated with Ms.Gini (M.P) over her mobile number  and apprised her distressed situation and referred the news published in the national daily dated 7th Feb,15 on 14th at about 4.20 p.m. She became angry with me saying ” Why you are looking after the problem of Hindus, why you are not protesting the acts of political violence against BNP Activists ? She continued to say ” Don’t’ try to agitate Hindu people against Muslims, no such incident of such HR violations committed as alleged in the national daily, she also most angrily disconnected my Telephone line and said ” Don’t’ visit my Constituency without my permission, you are not Human Rights activists, you are a broker “

On various occasions I was previously intimidated by law enforcing agencies, Member of Parliament, Lawyers and other Ministers of the country in different parts of the country during our fact finding /investigation mission. But no remedial measures taken by the successive governments of BANGLADESH rendering my life in a great risk and jeopardy.

I also communicated with local Officer in Charge of Gaibandha Police station over phone who confirmed the news but the dispute ended in compromise locally without instituting any cases against perpetrators resulting impunity to perpetrators.

I also talked with victim family – Danesh Das ( Cell number 01749088819 ) who also informed us that due to multiple injuries his mother Sarashi Bala (70) had been  admitted in the Hospital for treatment. But the local people approached for a compromise. He said ” I had to accept the compromise proposal because I am simple and law abiding Hindu person and do not like to prolong the case considering the future of my stay in the village”

Urgent action solicited.

With best regards,


Rabindra Ghosh

Source: WHN Media Network

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